Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day and a Snowstorm

When we lived in England we always enjoyed the Boxing Day holiday.  (Here is a LINK to the Wikipedia entry about Boxing Day if you are not familiar with this holiday).  We were planning to host most of our extended family at our home today but a winter storm has changed a lot of plans all over the East Coast.  Everyone is staying home out of the weather and we will try to reschedule in a day or two when the snow has cleared.  Our older son was to leave for Mexico tomorrow but flights are canceled so he is trying to sort out some new arrangements.  You do have to learn to be flexible during winter in New England!

Since 1998, my husband's mother has been making hand stitched felt ornaments for all of the grandchildren (along with the great nieces and nephews - I think she is up to nearly 50 ornaments each year!).  Traditionally, we open these ornaments on Christmas Eve and add them to the live tree in the sunroom (the rest of our trees are reusable and live in the attic during the summer).

This year, as the boys were hanging the ornaments, my younger son put together a snow person from six ornaments.  I thought it was so cute that I had to share it with you!

I am working on converting my photos of these ornaments into PNG files that I can use in my digital projects.  Here is one that I have completed.

Taking a photo of the assembled cousins on Christmas Day is always a challenge.  This is the best of the many shots I took.  If the snow stops, we hope that most of them will be able to visit on Tuesday.

Until then - this is what we will be looking at.

A few more notes....

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Okie Ladybug (my "evil twin") and I had a surprise planned for this week but she has been under the weather with a bad cold so we may postpone it for a few days.  I think you may be able to figure out what we are up to if you check Monday's post.

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  1. I hope your visit comes together tomorrow! It's a great looking group of cousins. We live in Buffalo and didn't get that snow. So much for our "reputation", huh? LOL

  2. Your son has your creative gene to see things and put them together in an entirely different manner. I admire your Grandmother for making all those ornaments.

  3. Love all the little ornaments that have been made and what a wonderful tradition to pass on.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Kim xXx


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