Saturday, December 11, 2010

Joy - Hope - Peace Card

This is the first of many cards that I have designed using the Martha Stewart Crafts Cake cartridges.  Mandy at Scrappy-Go-Lucky asked me what I thought about these cartridges for people who don't have a Cricut Cake machine and I was quick to reply that these are great cartridges for paper crafters as well as cake makers.

Just to clear up any confusion, the cake cartridges (both the Martha Stewart Cake cartridges and the original Cricut Cake cartridges) will work in any of the Cricut machines.  While they were designed to use for cake decorating, there are great images that will work well for scrapbooking, card making and other paper crafting projects.  I'll be reviewing and sharing projects made with these cartridges over the next few weeks in posts here and on the Scrappy-Go-Lucky blog.

The All Occasions cartridge has a wonderful decorative font that has a Scandinavian sort of holiday look to my eye.  I made a simple card design with some words in this font and then had fun trying out various color combinations in some previews.

First I used a red background with green and white letters (alternating the colors of the shadow and the top layers).

Then I tried an all red and white version

Finally, I tried a green background with red shadows and white words...

...then with white shadows and red words.

This is the version I decided to test cut.

I chose some metallic and glitter cardstock to make a festive card.  I used multi-cut 2 to be sure that the small details in the letters would be cleanly cut.

The shadow layers of the words were welded together and the top letters were cut individually except for the "J" and "H."   I welded these because they would overlap and I wanted to avoid a lump.

I put the first letters in each word on first then I could be sure that the letters were properly spaced.  I use Creative Memories Precision Point Adhesive for adhering to glitter and foil cardstock.  It works very well and I never have trouble with letters coming off.

The foil cardstock was from a pack of American Crafts Specialty Paper that I bought at Michael's or ACMoore a while ago.

There are four colors (gold, silver, green and red).  The green and silver have a striped texture design and the red and gold have a linen texture.  This cardstock is what makes this very simple card seem very festive and special.

I used some white glitter cardstock from DCWV for the shadow layer and it has a nice sparkle between the two shiny red and green papers.  You can see the textures more clearly in this close up photo.  This card is very quick and simple to make if you still need some cards - the cardstock choice is the key to making it seem special.

To finish the card and make it look something like a present, I added a thin gingham ribbon tied in a bow at the top of the card.

If you'd like to make this card, you can download the file over at the Scrappy-Go-Lucky blog - here is a LINK to the post.  Be sure to check out some of the older posts to see some of the great projects my fellow design team members have been making.

Just two weeks left until Christmas - and so much to do.  I hope you are enjoying the season and not stressing about all of the things you still need to do.  I am trying to pick the most important things to do and to let the rest go so I can have some nice family time this season.

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  1. Your card is the design!

  2. Wow this makes a beautiful card, love the striking colours you got with the glitter and foil cardstock.
    Kim xXx

  3. Great Card! I like using the glitter paper because it is not as messy and not quite so over the top. I am not a glitter person, just a sparkly person. TFS about that adhesive to use with this type of paper. I will try it out.
    Shari . . .

  4. Your card is really beautiful!! Love the foil!


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