Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Picnic in the Neighborhood

Today was our neighborhood picnic.  We get permission from the town to block the street with barricades and party in the street (it is a "lollipop" street with a straight section leading to a circle with no outlet so it is easy to get permission!).

There is a whole new group of younger children that have moved into the neighborhood over the past few years.  This makes the picnic a lot more fun with races and games all afternoon.

My little neighbors are too small to compete in the races but they had fun in a cozy coupe.

The highlight of the afternoon had to be the popsicles!

This is a super quick post - most of you will get this in an email Sunday morning.  Be sure to check back. There will be two more posts on Sunday for the big Christmas Around the Clock Challenge at the Cuttlebug Challenge Blogspot.   Be sure to pop over to the Cuttlebug blog throughout the day to see all of the projects and try a few yourself.

I will have projects up at 10 AM and 10 PM - the first I am doing in the wee hours of Sunday and the second I'll put up when I get to Wisconsin - what a busy weekend!

I hope you are having a great weekend - try to stay cool!

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  1. Have a great weekend. I just completed your sketch from earlier in the week. I'm now trying my hand at a shape card and realizing how little I have in the way of Christmas cuttlebug, cardstock, stamps, etc.

    Enjoy CHA and watch for the Xmas "stuff".

  2. We live on the same kind of street, a cul de sac. We live in the circle so every one of the 39 little darlings play in front of our house. We adore them. My husband is the popsicle king. Our freezer if full of them. It's a daily ritual to hand them out. Even the 2 year olds come running down here now!
    Mary Ann

  3. That looks like fun. Hope you had a great weekend!


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