Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A great find....

I took a day trip to Rhode Island on Saturday.  A nice thing about New England is the size of the states which makes it easy to hop over to another state for a visit.  There is an amazing variety in the scenery and there are all sorts of interesting landmarks and historic sites to visit.

I was with my walking friends and we were keeping one friend away from home while her family set up a surprise party - amazingly enough we managed to keep the secret and she was shocked (but happy) when we came back to a back garden full of people.

We saw some amazing hydrangeas in a great variety of colors.

Lunch was delicious at a restaurant right on the water - it was very hot but at least there was a breeze.

I thought this fire hydrant was fun - it almost looks like he is holding the flag that is actually in the bushes on the lawn.

We also went to Bristol, RI - the first town in America to celebrate the 4th of July.  Instead of a double yellow stripe down the center of the streets they have red.white and blue!

The birthday cake was a big hit.  Don't the raspberries and blueberries look great together?

It was good for me to have a computer free day (well nearly - I was gone for 14 hours of the day).  Sometimes you need to "regroup" by doing something completely different.  If you were trying to get in touch with me over the weekend I am continuing to catch up on messages - let me know if you haven't had a reply and something is urgent!

So what was my "find"... ?  There was a yarn shop with terrific air conditioning (!) and a big assortment of yarns marked down to 99 cents.  The skeins average 175 yards.  I filled a bag to share with my son's girlfriend.  The skeins in the photo are for cards so watch for them to show up soon.  If you spot one of these yarns in a project on my blog and leave the first comment pointing it out, there will be a little prize for you.

There is lots of Christmas inspiration headed your way tomorrow and all week at the Cuttlebug Challenge Blogspot so be sure to check it out!  Tomorrow you will see cards made using a sketch I created - I hope some of you play along on the challenges!

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  1. How fun...a girls day and a surprise party...and some fun goodies to take home.

  2. Maybe next time you can get to Point Judith to Aunt Carrie's Resturant...I am working at the Gift Shop for the summer...come visit!!!!

  3. Wow! Looks like you gals had alot of fun! What an interesting place to go! Love the ribbon you got. Can't wait to see what you have to show us!

  4. Mary - Biker GrannyJuly 21, 2010 at 9:15 AM

    Wow, I'm almost never the first to comment on blogs, LOL! It looks like you had a wonderful day off with your friends, and had lots of fun shopping, too. I can't wait to see how you use those ribbons! ;)

  5. Sounds like a really fun trip and what a great find in that ribbon. Very pretty!

  6. Looks like a fun trip, and the cake sure looks yummy! I'd love to come to the East Coast someday, it sure sounds beautiful. Here in California, we drive hours and hours but the scenery basically stays the same.

    I loved the pics you shared :) I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on your upcoming projects to see that awesome ribbon in action!

    ~Rachel in Sacramento

  7. I have never been there but it looks like fun. It is hot and humid in Missouri too. Looks like you got a good deal on the ribbon.

  8. What a great fun day. It is nice to have friends close enought to enjoy these activities. Thank for taking me along with you on this trip. I enjoy reading the blog and all the great things that you do and make. Have a great day.

  9. I love a girls day out. You live in an area filled with history and interesting places to visit. I'm looking forward to your scavenger hunt for ribbon!

  10. Diane,
    it looks like you're having a terrific time shopping and having lunch with friends. I hope to spot your project with the yarn very soon.

    Have fun!

    Carmen L


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