Friday, July 30, 2010

CHA Super Show Friday

Today was the first day of the CHA Super Show - the consumer portion of the show.  There was a special event for members of the Cricut Circle before the Super Show started.  We had a great time meeting people from all over and I was extremely flattered to be recognized by several people who follow my blog.  Near the end of the meeting a special guest arrived - the Cricut "Bug,"

After the session there were lots of photo opportunities.  Here are Cindy and Shantaie, my former Design Team buddies, with the Cricut "bug."  There were some great giveaways of various cartridges and machines.  Fortunately the Yudu winner had come by car to the event (that is one big heavy machine).  Two lucky people also won a new Cricut Imagine Machine!  Everyone who attended received a small packet with some Cricut markers, blades and a new charm for their bracelet.

When the Circle meeting was over we went downstairs to the consumer show.  This show is very different from the Trade Show.  There was much more noise since the aisles were not carpeted and all of the booths are selling instead of simply showing their merchandise.

Just to give you an idea - here is the crowd in the Papertrey Ink booth.  This is actually the line of people waiting to pay.  I did the make and takes at Papertrey Ink - there was a card and a pin made with felt and paper flowers.  The felt that they offer is really a great weight and quality.  I don't have photos of my projects to share tonight but I did take some photos of the samples in the booth.  Here is a series of inspiring ideas...

 I think they have the best designers and no matter what they make I always seem to like it!

 It was fun to have the chance to meet Emma (My Creative Time) at the Peachy Keen Stamps booth.  She does beautiful work and has a new DVD about the Gypsy that will be available soon.  You can check her blog for details.

There is another special room for Circle members in the Provo Craft Booth.  This is the sign that hangs on the side of the little booth.

These photos are for Okie who first introduced me to the headless women on My Favorite Things stamps.

This was one of the cakes at the Provo Craft stand.  The chocolate crown on top was most impressive.

I was also excited to meet Taylor Van Bruggen of Taylored Expressions.  I bought a few stamp sets from her and also some great boxes for altering that will hold a set of cards very nicely.

I had to leave mid afternoon to get ready to go back to Wisconsin.  I needed to get back but I am sorry I missed the dinner get together of many people from the Cricut Message Board - I was there in spirit!

It was a tiring but exciting few days.  Here is one last photo with my roommate Susan, Joy and Melanie.  I will look forward to getting together in person again soon.

If you have been considering joining the Cricut Circle I think it could be a good idea to join.  We heard about a lot of the plans and surprises that are planned and they are very exciting.  The start has been bumpy and there are still things to be sorted out but I have every confidence that ultimately things will work out.

The bus ride back was uneventful and I went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant with my sister.  It was so funny when I saw that the chopsticks were Cricut green!  I have never seen green chopsticks before...Cricut has truly taken over my life!

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time at CHA. That is a great photo of you, Joy, Melanie, and Susan!
    So many exciting things coming...

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! looks like lots of fun!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your fabulous time at CHA. Marilyn Mae

  4. Nice report. It looks like so much fun. The crafting world keeps on expanding with the latest and greatest. We can only IMAGINE what will be next. Have a Blessed Day.

  5. Thanks again for the new info and photos.

  6. It's too bad you had to leave early Friday. I was looking for you at the dinner.

    Great pic in the circle! And I'm so glad I waited to go into Papertrey when there was less of a crowd. That was one of my favorites, along with MTF & TE.

  7. Thanks so much for the info on the CC Friday event and also the Supershow. Sounds like so much fun - and expensive. LOL

    Donna C.

  8. Wow some super projects on show and it certainly looks like your having a great time.
    Kim xXx

  9. Fantastic post Diane, thanks for taking all the photos, it really looks like a lot of fun.
    En xx

  10. It looks like you had a great time . . . so wish I could have gone! Love seeing all the ideas and wish we could see your Make and Take you did!
    Thanks for sharing with those of us who could not attend!

  11. I have completely enjoy this report - it's probably the best one I have seen. Thank you sooooo much for showing card samples!

  12. Diane,
    I have so enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all the pictures from CHA. Thank you so much for documenting your trip and sharing with those of us who did not get to attend. It appears to have been a WONDERFUL trip. Next CHA, here I come!

    Also CONGRATS on all the goodies you received. I especially can't wait to see your project from the IMAGINE. Very exciting!


  13. Thank you for the tour. You look like you are having so much fun.

  14. Mary - Biker GrannyJuly 31, 2010 at 12:53 PM

    Glad you had fun! I know what you mean about Cricut taking over your life. Like you with the chopsticks, I was riding the train into DC with my hubby last week for an evening on the town and a woman with a suitcase was sitting opposite was Cricut Green, and my husband thought I was insane for even noticing it, LOL!

  15. Well, let me say that I appreciate the photos from Chicago! I can relate with you about the green chopsticks cause I am noticing many Cricut green things in my life too.
    Sharon (scrappyone)

  16. OH HOW FUN!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I remain very jealous! Glad you had a good time! Welcome home!

  18. Sure enjoyed reading your account of CHA! TFS!

  19. Love all your photos, Awesome! TFS them with us.

  20. I so enjoyed our conversation, and it was so funny that we recognized each other but had to wait to "formaly" meet. Thanks for helping with the photos, you are such a nice and genuine person!

  21. Hi Diane,
    It was great to meet you at CHA! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos of the show! You captured such a great photo of us...would you mind emailing it to me as well? tayloredexpressions at gmail dot com!

    Thanks for stopping by the booth!



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