Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Cartridge Updates for Design Studio and the Gypsy

"Hello Thursday" was just a couple of days ago and there are updates available for both Design Studio and the Gypsy to add the content for many of the new cartridges that have been announced.  There will be another update next week for the Martha Stewart Crafts Cake Cartridges.

To update your Design Studio program, you need to log in to the site.  Here is the link for the update page - if you haven't signed in you will be prompted to do so when you click the link.


If you have been doing the updates regularly the only new cartridges that will be added the five Hello Thursday cartridges (Country Life, Happy Hauntings, Rock Princess, Simply Charmed and Winter Frolic and the Cricut Circle exclusive cartridge, French Manor).

Click the download link and be sure to save the download to your computer and then run it.  Design Studio should be closed when you do the update and then the new cartridges will appear in the All by Category listing when you open it again.  French Manor will appear in the Font category and the other five cartridges are in the Shape category.

The font updates appear to have been consolidated in one large update going back to the cartridges added in November 2009.  If you are missing any of the earlier cartridges, you need to do the program update as well.  Follow the directions given at the top of the page to update the program.

To update your Gypsy, connect the Gypsy to the computer with the USB cable and turn it on - then run the Gypsy Sync program.  Since there are many new Gypsy users, I will show you all of the steps involved as the Gypsy is updated.  It is easy to do - just follow the prompts - but the process will take much longer than updating Design Studio.  It is probably dependent on the speed of your computer and your internet connection - mine took about half an hour to do with a new computer and high speed internet.

The Sync program will tell you that there is a Content update.  Click "Proceed."

You will next see a warning screen recommending that you back up your files.  Click "Yes: to do the backup.

You have the option to choose to back up Designs, Photos or both.  I checked "Designs" and skipped "Photos" since the only photos I have on the Gypsy are handbook images that I can easily upload again if I need to.

The files will be backed up to your computer.  They are located in the backup folder of the Gypsy Sync folder in the Documents folder (Click the image to enlarge it to see the path at the bottom).  When your files are backed up you can open any file in the backup folder in Design Studio without connecting your gypsy to the computer.

Next, the Sync program will contact the servers to get the updates.

The Content Data File will be downloaded.  This takes quite a while, even with a fast internet connection.

Once the files are downloaded the Sync program will send them to the Gypsy.

Then you will see a status bar - the process has started...

It takes a while, but the screen keeps you informed of the status and time elapsed.

Then the program will update the cartridge library - mine took over eight minutes for this stage.

Finally, you will see a screen that tells you the content has been successfully installed.

The Gypsy Data is refreshed and you will then see the normal screen for the Sync when there are not updates needed.

This is the screen you use to transfer files between the computer and the Gypsy.  If you do not need to transfer any files at this time click to exit the Sync program.

The last screen you see is the "Cleaning up Gypsy Resources" - when this disappears you can disconnect your Gypsy and starting playing with the new cartridge images.

The best way to decide about your next cartridge purchases is try out the various design possibilities on the Gypsy or in Design Studio.  It is also very helpful to review the handbooks and sample sheets in the Cartridge Library on the site.  It is a great resource.  If you are not familiar with it, click HERE to go to the listing of all of the Cricut cartridges with PDFs of the sample sheets and cartridge handbooks.

I hope you are having a great weekend - have fun exploring the new cartridge content!

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  1. Diane...Thanks for the easy to follow instructions. I am updating tomorrow and hopefully all goes well.

  2. Wow..updating a gypsy is complicated or at least has a lot of steps. Thanks for the links!

  3. Thanks for the tip. I appreciate you letting us know when updates are available. I love to play with images before purchase - even though this time I KNOW I am buying Winter Frolic the minute I can, based only on the picture I've seen!!


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