Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So much snow...

We had more snow today - not nearly what some parts of the country have been getting but it was very pretty.  Unfortunately, I am struggling with a terrible cold/flu with chills and aches and generally feeling lousy.  I couldn't help with the babies today - I hope they are not sick too.


I did manage to finish one project but I am not feeling well enough to write up the post tonight.

The snow was wet and heavy - the type that clings to the bushes.

The neighborhood has that "winter wonderland" look - which is fine if you can stay snug indoors.


 Our son is arriving for a quick visit on Thursday.  His girlfriend is coming along on a mini-vacation.  She is a California girl so I hope that this melts off a bit (but enough stays to give that pretty "New England Winter " look).

I drank a lot of tea - it helped a little.


Of course I would have to be confined to the hospital to keep me from taking photos - so I hope you enjoyed these.  I am going to take more medicine and try to sleep - I hope that tomorrow will be a better day.


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures of the snow. In Ohio we are sick of snow but it truly is beautiful. Sorry you are not feeling well, hope tomorrow will be better.

  2. Diane,
    I have had several Card Fairies ask if they could send other items (I am assuming craft wise) for the family that lost their home. Would that be ok? Or do they need other items right now more? They just want to help! Thanks please email me at cricutcardfairyarmy at gmail dot com. I sure hope you feel better SOON!

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself. Cindy

  4. Your pics are beautiful! Get well soon!

  5. Hope you feel better soon!!

  6. Love these photo's Diane, reminds me of home in Scotland, while we swelter down here in Perth, Australia - not that I miss the cold - give me the heat anyday LOL x

    Hope you feel better soon

    Hugs xx

  7. Living in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, we always have lots of snow! Loved the pics you took. Hope today is a better day for you and that you'll be A-1 in no time.
    Tammy said to say Hi, as well.


  8. I love winter. :)
    BUT for some reason I AM
    looking VERY forward to
    SPring this year!

    I got your blog addy off Cricut Critters blog.
    Looking forward to peeking around. :)

  9. i will say a prayer you get better. hope you can enjoy your visit with your son and his girlfriend. take care and do not worry about posting if sick. we know you will be back sharing soon.

    take care and rest


  10. I am sorry to hear that you are sick and hope that you are feeling better by the time you read these messages.
    Thanks for posting the beautiful photos.

  11. Diane, I am so sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, and I do wish you a speedy recovery!!!

    I also apologize that I'm a a bit late with this, but I made a couple of cards for your neighbor and the children, and I wanted to send them. If, when you're feeling up to it, you could provide me the information to get them in the mail, I would really appreciate it. Again, I don't want you however to do anything until you're feeling better. You can either leave the info on the mb if you don't still have my email address.

    Take care of yourself!!! And, by the way, the pictures of all the snow do look beautiful!

    Thanks much!!!

  12. Awww... feel better! I am pretty tired of the snow here in the Washington, DC, area. We just have too, too much!

  13. Oh My Gosh, your pics a beautiful. This Florida girl is longing for a winter vacation. I probably wouldn't last long, but I would absolutely LOVE to see it and play in it for awhile. Your pictures are just lovely. TFS and I hope you feel better soon.

  14. Just stopping in to say HI,From Tammy(Creative Critter)Blog.So sorry to hear you are sick.I hope you're feeling better soon!!!We get alot of lake affect snow in IND. Spring is just around the corner hang in there and take care.Oh!Tammy say Hi!!!


  15. I do the same thing. i like taking these kinds of photos too! Creative peeps do think the same!!! LOL Hello....from cricut critters. New blogger to your site!

  16. Thanks for sharing the beautiful snow pictures. Hope you feel better tomorrow. Get some rest and try chicken soup.

  17. It's BEAUTIFUL!!! We don't get snow a lot here in NC, but we did get it twice already this year :-) Love your snow pictures, thanks for sharing, I'm pretending I'm there, the snow is so pretty!!!

  18. Gorgeos pictures!! As a MN girl, I love the snow, but don't have trees like you. Those pictures are exactly why I love winter - you just don't get such pretty scenes in the summer! Thanks so much for sharing these!


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