Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Checkerboards and Charms

I wanted to make a few more cards to highlight these cute beads and brads from Creative Charms.  I was using Graphically Speaking for another project and noticed this grid.

This can be used to make a sports goal when combined with the shift of the key which creates the crossbars.

Here is a closer view of the image straight from the cartridge.  I wanted to use this for an A2 card topper.

I adjusted the width and height to make the grid 1/4 inch smaller than the card on each side.

Then I used "hide selected contour" to eliminate some of the interior cuts.  I did this in two different patterns.


This is the preview of the two versions.  I added two rectangles (using George) just to create a background for previewing.  You do not need George to cut the file.


These are the beads I wanted to use.  They are easy to attach to the card with a glue dot.  They also have a hole through the center so they can be threaded.  


I used a few of these beads at the ends of the strings of hearts on the mobile I made for Valentine's Day (here is a LINK to that post - the mobile is in the second part of the rather lengthy post!).


I cut the card toppers from some patterned cardstock first but I wasn't happy with the level of contrast.  For my second try, I used this blue shimmer cardstock and I liked the effect much better.

I used my CM Precision Point adhesive pen to make sure that all of the spikes at the edges would be well secured to the card front.

For the first card, I simply added a circle of pink flowers with a clear butterfly in the center.  I put the glue dots in the center of each open square and then placed the beads in position.

For the second card, I added some pink glitter cardstock underneath the center grid.  I cut the glitter cardstock piece at 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.

I punched a hole in the center of the grid to prepare for the white butterfly brad.  I used the CM Adhesive pen for the spikes again but added glue dots to the solid squares to hold the glitter cardstock firmly.

I put the white butterfly brad through both the blue and the pink layers.  Then I added some strong double sided adhesive to secure the topper to the card.

Here is a view of the two card variations together.  There are many more possibilities with this design.

Here is a LINK to the page on the Creative Charms website for the "Gem Garden" beads.  

This LINK will take you to the page with the butterfly brads which come in six colors and are packaged with six sparkly floral beads.

If you download the cut file I'd love to see what you make.  Be sure to check out the Creative Charms site - they have a lot of lovely embellishments to enhance your projects and the prices are quite reasonable.  I will be sharing more projects made with the items they sent for me to preview very soon.


  1. nice card I love the way you show the settings and the detailed instructions.
    Linda in Stanwood

  2. What a strange design for PC to come up with on a cartridge. Where do they get their ideas? You made a cute card out of the cut. How long did you have to think about that one? I would never have come up with an idea to use that design. Good job!

  3. very cute project. thanks for sharing, love the charms.


  4. Hi Diane - I have given you a blog award please come by my blog (www.carolinescraftography.blogspot.com) to pick it up!!!

    Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration

    Caroline (aka doxieluv01)

  5. Diane, you are always an inspiration and I love seeing your designs. I've left you a little something on my blog. Thank you for all you do.

  6. amazing stuff thanx :)

  7. oh! Diane...this is fabulous and those charms are darling.... thanks so so much for sharing your talent with us.....josie


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