Friday, February 5, 2010

Changing Hearts...again....

I just can't seem to leave the hearts on the Love Struck cartridge alone!  The cuts as they appear on the cartridge are lovely but you can do so much more with them when you apply some "Design Studio Magic" to create many variations.

I started with this heart (the same heart I used for the etching project on the mirror tile - here is a LINK to that post if you missed it).

This time, instead of hiding the outer line to create a negative space cut, I hid a lot of the center lines to create a solid area.  Remember, to hide a line, left click directly on the line to select it (it will turn pink), then right click and choose "hide selected contour" from the bottom of the drop down menu.

This preview shows the difference between the original cut on the right and the adapted cut on the left.  The cut on the left reminds me of the doilies we used to make Valentines when I was in grade school.  (I imagine kids are still making Valentines with that type of doily).

 After I hid the center lines, I adjusted the size of the heart to fit on the front of an A2 card nicely.

I used the Shape Properties box and entered values that are 3/4 inch less than the A2card size (5.5 x 4.25 inches) to allow a comfortable margin and/or enough space to mat the heart.

When I first cut the heart and placed it on the card base, I realized that I needed the blackout shape to create better contrast and make the design "pop."  I adjusted the blackout to the same dimensions.

When the blackout background is added the interior cuts show clearly.

I had the "love" cut from my Cuttlebug "Love Language" emboss combo set sitting on my table from another project.  I liked the way it looked so I decided to cut the "love you" phrase in solid pink glitter cardstock for my card front.

The cardstock I used for the heart has a tiny bit of green in the design and I originally thought the green card would be best for the base.  When I "auditioned" the two cards, I preferred the look and higher contrast of the blue base.

I wanted to use this Martha Stewart punch around the page set for my card.  I find it a bit frustrating that the proportions of the base cuts to make the punch around the page work do not match up with an A2 card.

I have posted the chart with the dimensions before - here is is again for handy reference (remember you can click on the image to see a larger version).  I think the newer punch sets now come with the guide sheet enclosed.

The 3 1/4 x 5 inch dimension leaves a wider margin top and bottom than side to side.  I decided to move the cuts to the lower area to make an even margin on three sides.

I punched four corners and three sides but I didn't punch across the top because I wanted the heart top to be emphasized.

I trimmed away the excess section of white card.

Once the card was trimmed I was ready to adhere the unit to my card front.

I tied a ribbon around the card front, centering the bow.

I added a heart shape jewel for a bit of sparkle and to fill in the space between the ribbon and the heart top.


Someone recently asked about the inside of my cards.  Sometimes I leave them blank or add a simple liner.  For this card, I took a piece of white cardstock cut at 5.5 x 4.25 inches, used the punch on one corner and two sides and adhered the card to the bottom of the card.  This is another way to deal with the mismatch between the punches and the card size.


(I was not able to get to the questions and answers today - I think I am coming down with a bit of a bug.  I'll try to catch up with them tomorrow.  Please stay safe if you live in the areas that are getting a big snowstorm tonight - it looks like the storm will miss us for a change...)


  1. I have never changed a cut from a cartridge, but after reading your tutorials and seeing your results, I think I will be trying it. Thans for another beautiful card.

  2. This is wonderful! What a great idea to "enlarge" the center area. This would also be great to stamp a message inside or even put a little photograph etc.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I still do not have love struck, but have enjoyed all your postings with the great detail.

    Hope you are feeling better. Take care!

  4. Just beautiful. My Love Struck cart has really gotten a workout. I'm going to try this one and thanks so much for showing the inside. The few cards I've created have all been used for family and friends, so I need inside ideas. NW coast is basking in sunshine and record high temps. Go figure!!

  5. You're right the white background blackout was definately needed. Without a background, you could hardly notice the hearts around the inside edge. Thanks for the chart. I recently purchased a Martha punch & I didn't get the info. So I printed yours out. I couldn't figure out how to orient it in the landscape mode to print. Need computer help. That's why your tutorials are so nice. TFS.

  6. I agree with your comment on the frustration regarding the MS punches. But they sure are beautiful, and add such a wonderful touch!! I don't have this cart you are using, but I am loving at all your heart designs, fantastic work!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

    Lisa Sturgill :)

  7. I too was annoyed to find out that those MS punches dont work on A2 cards, if I would have known that I most likely wouldnt have bought them, so irritating! love your heart and all the others you make, I'm so NOT good with DS... it has been a rocky relationship with that software :(

  8. Thanks for posting that punch chart. I've always wondered if the paper had to be a certain size to use the corner punches.

  9. I haven't used my CDS since I got my Gypsy, but since the Gypsy doesn't have the hide feature yet I might just be giving my CDS a little work out! Thanks for all your inspiration!

    MelissaAllore on the Cricut Board

  10. I love the HSC feature and use it often. I prefer your version of this heart cut over the original design...thanks for sharing!!!


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