Friday, December 4, 2009

Some amazing paper cuts!

It was quite a busy day - the warm weather continued so I was determined to get all of the outdoor lights set up before the snow comes (predicted for later this weekend).  I did get spotlights for the tree in the front yard so now we can see the ornaments at night.  This is the best picture I could get without setting up the tripod and I was too worn out from all of the climbing up and down ladders and sorting lights - I'll wait until the snow comes for a night time outdoor shot.  If you want to see the ornaments in the daytime, here is a LINK to the post with the photos.

I hope you will enter for a chance to win the EZ View products from the Original Scrapbox.  One person will win an EZ View Desktop from the entries on my blog and then will have a chance to win the EZ View Desk.  All of the details are in the post from earlier today (today is a two post day).  Be sure to visit The Original Scrapbox website - they are counting hits and will donate a desk to one or two charities if they receive enough traffic.  You can even nominate a charity to win an EZ View Desk - all details are in the original post.

To enter - go to the original post (here is a LINK) and follow the directions.  Please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you win - there have already been a few people who left no contact info.  If you can be emailed through your blogger profile that is fine.  If you are worried about spam just spell out the @ "at" and the . "dot" when you type the email address.  Only comments on that original post will be included in the giveaway entries so please do not post an entry comment on this or any other newer post - I hate to see anyone miss the chance to be included.

I have been enjoying looking at some of the blogs of people who have entered.  Remember - you do not have to have a blog to enter - there are several possible ways to enter and the most important and easiest one is to visit the Original Scrapbox site and then leave a comment on the original post telling me what item you like best.

As I look at blogs I often start clicking on the links that people have to other blogs and then on those links and I find all sorts of interesting things. I wish I could post a photo from one blog that I looked at tonight but I don't want to violate any copyright.  If you like intricate paper cuts and pop ups you should definitely take a look at this site - Cutted Paper Arts.  There are only a few posts - all on February 8, 2008 and there are only pictures posted but they are definitely worth a look!  There have been well over 5 million hits according to the counter.  I hope you enjoy looking at these amazing pop up paper cuts.  I'd love to have the time to sit and figure out how to do one - maybe in the new year,

Have a great weekend .  Tomorrow I'll be sure to have a more "crafty" post.


  1. I love your ornaments. What a beautiful idea! Happy Holidays!

  2. How pretty your tree looks...can't wait to see more pics!!!


  3. OMGoodness Diane...I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open. I hope you try this, would love to see your results!!!

    Thanks for sharing the link!!!

    Lisa Sturgill

  4. Love those giant ornaments...I saw some last year and didn't buy...wish I had! LOL
    Wish we were having warmer weather to get my lights connected...DH and DS procrastinated and now they tell me it is too cold!

  5. Thanks for the sharing the links. The art reminds me of The Paper Architect -

    Also of some of the work from Masahiro Chatani - you can actually download some of his books - I found them through


  6. Hi Diane,
    What you are looking at on Cutted Paper Atrs blog is called "Origamic Architecture". It is a highly specialized form of origami pioneered by Professor Masahiro Chatatani of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. If you google origamic architecture, Masahiro Chatani, or Keiko Nakazawa you will see many more amazing feats of paper cutting and folding. The object of most of these beatutiful objects is to cut it from only one piece of paper. I collect his books if for no other reason to drool over what he has achieved. What is amazing is he did all this with just a craft knife and a ruler. I have both a Pazzles and a baby bug, but i'm not sure I will ever be as good as him. Check out the Wikipedia entry for him. You'll find it interesting.

    Eula (AKA Hettie)

  7. Those ornaments on that tree are gorgeous. Wish I had the tree and the ornaments to hang.

    Nana Jo

  8. Wow, the Cutted Paper cut outs are awesome, but the ordinary person reading your site would appreciate your craft more, I believe.....

  9. Thanks Patty for the links and information - I have a few things to add to my Christmas list now!

    Thanks also Eula (AKA Hettie) for the info - it figures I would like this since my paper obsession was definitely fueled in grade school with my origami report! More books to look for.

    I am glad you all like the tree ornaments - I wasn't completely sure if I would like them but they definitely were easier to put up than wrapping the entire tree with lights!

    mahuntington - you are sweet to say that!

  10. Oh I forgot, I love your ornament tree too. And putting out the spotlights is just the right touch. It adds a little drama...


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