Friday, December 11, 2009

A Busy Day...

I had a super busy day.  First I finished up two of the three swaps I meant to have in the mail before I went to New Jersey - just one more to get finished and mailed.  The lines at the Post Office are getting very long and I haven't mailed any gifts yet!  I also had all of the usual catching up to do after being away for a few days.

Later in the day I went to the home of someone I met while checking out the clearance bins at Michael's.  She told me that she had Design Studio but didn't know how to use it so I helped three Design Studio "newbies" get started (her sister and a friend were there too).  We were quite a sight  to see with laptops and Cricuts all lined up - we had to download and update the software on all of the computers and also update the firmware on the machines so that took a while!  Then I could explain the basics so they could get going with welding their words.  We had a lot of fun and I did a bit of enabling (don't you think everyone "needs" the snowflake cart  When It's Cold Outside?).  So, in addition to the online classes,  I have started making "house calls" for Design Studio help (but only in the local area).

Once I got home again it was late.  I started a post about one of the swaps I mailed but then I realized that I needed to review the rest of the comments for the Original Scrapbox EZ View Giveaway.  By the time I finished, it was after midnight and the entries were closed.  I haven't heard a final tally from Rachelle yet, but I hope we made it to 12,000 visits so the charity will get a Desk too!  I drew the winner at about 2 a.m. and I have sent an email.  I'll post the name here as soon as I get a response from the winner.

ETA - I have heard back from the winner with all of the information required.  Congratulations to Kitty from North Carolina.

There was no time to do a video today  - but I have high hopes for tomorrow!  In the meanwhile, I left a sneak peek at another project that you will see soon.  Now I just have to get some sleep!


  1. Mercy; you did have a busy I can't talk you into coming to my home to 'teach' me; out here in the Wild Wild West?? Again, thanks for all the inspiration.

  2. Hi Diane .. You already enabled me to buy the When It's Cold Outside cart ! So yes I think everyone else needs to buy it too. Loved your brothers Oz site. My town has an Oz Parade every year cause L. Frank Baum was born here. We even have a Yellow Brick sidewalk. Some of the Munchkins usually come for the parade too, of course less and less each year, as they are getting up there in years.



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