Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President-elect Obama Sign Card

We were invited to join a group of friends for a potluck dinner and to watch the election results last night. Our hosts had done a lot of campaigning for Obama over the past months. About an hour before it was time to go to their house, I got the idea to make this sign card for them.

Below you can see the "wrapped" card.

I used 140 lb. watercolor paper and planned the letters to be four inches wide and nearly eight inches tall. I added stars as part of the design in strategic positions to strengthen the folds where the letters did not have much of a connection. I cut extra layers of stars in star paper and red cardstock to add to the design.

The paper I used is much thicker than regular cardstock so I used multi cut x2 to be sure that the letters would cut cleanly. The paper was 18 x 24 so I cut it in half lengthwise for the 12 x 24 mat. I used the "opposite" font on Opposites Attract and stars from the George cartridge. Above is the plain cut which I scored at four inch intervals and then accordion folded.

After adhering the stars, I used a Martha Stewart glitter pen to outline the stars and the edges of all the letters. These pens are very sparkly - sorry, the photo does not really do them justice.

The card stands easily due to the use of extra heavy paper and the accordion folding.

Was the card a good luck token? Our friends put it by the TV and, shortly after the polls closed on the West Coast, the race was called and Barack Obama was elected to be the next President of the United States.


  1. Very very clever you are!

  2. OMG!! you only had an hour??? you are very talented to get that together in such a short time. ( I need at least 1 hr to plan and pick out paper!( Great job

  3. LOVE the Obama card. Is the .cut file available? I can't believe you whipped that out in an hour! would take me at least half the day. Thanks for sharing your designs & inspiration; you are so talented!

  4. I love this card! I hope you will share your .cut file. I have a baby bug and it looks like it may be bigger than that but I would love to include this in my scrapbook. Go Obama!!!!


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