Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another snowflake card

I've been playing with all the test cuts of the snowflakes in circles - here is another simple card. I used "perfect pearls" in the blue patina color to cover the entire cut.

Above you can see the beautiful shimmer this produces - rather than spend a lot for specialty cardstock (which could be lost by a cutting error) you can make the cut on plain white card and then add some sparkle and shimmer by decorating the finished cut.

I thought the card looked a bit plain - the hole in the center needed a little something - and I remembered some sticky backed "jewels" I bought a while ago from a dollar bin that were just the right color!

I added the little "gem" and for very little money this simple but elegant note card was finished.

This cut is one from the Home Accents set of Snowflakes - here is a LINK to the post with the file to download.

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