Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Snowflakes in Circles

Here are some more snowflakes in circles - these are from the new Christmas Solutions cartridge. Even if you already have the other two Christmas cartridges (Christmas Cheer and Joys of the Season), you should consider getting this cartridge - it has lovely old-fashioned designs and, since it is a Solutions cartridge, it is a bit less expensive.

Above you can see the snowflake design in a couple of sizes - once again these are adjustable files so you can adapt them easily for your projects.

The second design is actually the layer from the shift function on the cartridge keypad. While it was meant to be placed on top of the first snowflake, it can be stretched and looks very pretty as another version of the snowflake.

Just be careful as you cut smaller versions of the snowflakes - you should have a good and sticky mat since there are many cuts close together to form these designs and, if your paper lifts from the mat, you will have a bad cut. I ran into this problem (as you can see on these two cuts below) but I think I can salvage these two images by adding something to the uncut areas!

I promised that I would get all of these snowflake designs posted as soon as possible - and I will. There are quite a few snowflakes on the Joys of the Season cartridge and they will be posted next (it does take a fair bit of time to test cut, photograph, edit the photos, check the files for the date fix and upload them and to write up a post....).

I'd love to have some feedback on the downloading system I have been using for the most recent files. Comments on the blog are great for questions about the files since they can be easily seen by others who may have the same question. As I have mentioned before, you do not need to have a Google account - you can post as "Anonymous" and just leave your name or message board identity in the comment. Thanks to those of you who have started to comment this way!

It would be helpful to see some comments on the downloading page to let me know if you are finding this system easy to use. I checked just before writing this post and there are 139 downloads of the first snowflake in a circle file since I posted it last night, but 0 comments on the download page. I am not sure if there is a problem on the page or if there is some other reason for the lack of comments. So let me know....

Snowflakes in Circles (A)


  1. Once again, you have created a beautiful design! I am a relative newbie to Cricut and your site has been so helpful in learning! I have passed your link on to a new scrapping friend who just bought a Create and plans to get DS for Christmas. I have a baby bug so I apprecate your adjustable designs.

    The download site works great.

    Just curious, what does it mean to be a follower? I get email updates when you post something new. Is this something different? I love all things Capadia so I don't want to miss anyting new!

    Thanks for teaching us newbies and sharing your ideas,

  2. Thanks for the .cut file of the snowflakes in a circle. I do not have the new Christmas cartridge, but do have the other two. Now I know I need the 3rd one also!!

  3. Thank you for sharing, Capadia. I don't have this cart yet, but it's on the top of my list.


  4. I love these! They are so pretty. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Laurel (scrappynana)

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your designs are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them freely with us!

    Cindy S. from Cricut MB

  6. Love these snowflakes! TFS! I also like your new downloading system. It is really easy! I get your email updates and love it! Just a suggestion: can you include a link to your blog in the emails? That way lazy people (like me!) would be able to read the email, click the cut file, and click the link to your blog. I usually am so excited to get your emails that I read and download and then never get back to your blog. I REALLY appreciate the emails and your enormous talent! Thanks for being a great teacher! Alice

  7. You are so talanted and generous, to designed and shared these snowflakes. Thank you so very much.

    Joy and blessings to you, Susan

  8. These are very beautiful. You did an astounding job! Thank you so much for sharing your cut file!

  9. Diane -- once again, you amaze me with these simple but elegant designs...I love snowflakes too. I wish you would start doing "teaching classes" on how you learn to "make" creations using the cartridges...I can barely use DS right with the easy stuff! Thanks again for sharing your inspirations!

  10. These snow flakes really seems to be romantic and one every time wishes to be with dear ones at this time. I will prefer if you add hearts in your design.

  11. Love these snowflakes, I've just downloaded it but couldn't find where to leave a message for you.
    Ann B.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your creative talents! I'm always amazed by your designs. I downloaded both files. Thanks again for sharing, GailHeinecke

  13. This is a great snowflake! Thank you for sharing.


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