Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sunny Snowy Saturday

After the big storm yesterday, we had a beautiful sunny Saturday and went for a walk in a winter wonderland this afternoon.  I thought I'd share some photos for those of you who live in non-snowy places.  You can be relieved that you don't live here or wish that you had snow too (or a little of both!).

When we bought our new house, we "inherited" quite a few garden ornaments. 

The faces on the trees are a bit silly but also fun - they make me think of the apple throwing trees in the Wizard of Oz movie.

We had worked hard to get the driveway clear Friday afternoon, but the wet heavy snow clings to the trees and then when the wind blows it falls right on the center section of the driveway.

There is a drainage easement across our land and we have a bridge halfway up the drive.  There usually is no water flowing but there was a bit of a creek today from melting snow.

Our Boston kids came out for a quick visit.  We all were bundled up for a walk but it was actually pretty warm this afternoon - well above freezing.

Here is the view looking back toward our house from the street side of the drive.  In the winter you can see the house but when the leaves come out in the Spring it will be much harder to find it!

We got all of the lights out of our trees but these ornaments are still hanging in the tree at the end of our drive.

We have had these for quite a few years now and the red ones are gradually turning gold while the blue ones are turning silver.  The sun seems to be making them fade.  In a year or two I will be able to call them "vintage!"

This sort of wet and heavy snow really clings to the trees.

The snow covered layers of the evergreens are perfect for Christmas card photos.

The snow also outlines the limbs of the maple and oak trees along the street.

Even though it looks pretty, the problem with wet heavy snow is that it bends the branches of the trees - sometimes so much that they break.  While we were walking we saw a big branch fall in a neighbor's yard.

The snow also clings to lamp posts and fence posts.  I think this one looks a lot like a Hershey kiss!

The snow was layered like thick frosting on the bridge and shrubs at another neighbor's house.

This is a tree with little clumps of snow clinging to the branches.  If you just glance at this photo doesn't it look like a flowering tree in the Spring?

I hope you are having a great weekend.  If you are a football fan have fun watching the Super Bowl tomorrow.  Our team didn't quite make it but we will enjoy the commercials!  I will probably do some crafting while watching...

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  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures. You've got a beautiful setting and I'm sure each season will bring so much beauty and awe.

    1. Thanks Marilyn - it is so different here in the woods after years of living right in town. Very peaceful and this summer we can really get into figuring out the gardens since our renovations are finally done!

  2. Diane, Sending my hello from SE Florida. I really enjoyed viewing the photos from your walk. They are so beautiful. Shoveling a driveway doesn't sound ideal. But, I must admit when I see images like this I wish I was there, at least for a for weekend! Wishing much joy in your new home.

  3. Gorgeous! I don't live in a place that gets any snow, so I can see all of the beauty without having to deal with the headaches!

  4. I am so glad you are sharing your great photography again. I live south of Atlanta and what few snowflakes we get send folks into panic mode! LOL!

  5. What beautiful photos!!
    The second to last one (neighbors bridge and shrubs) would make a gorgeous card, don't you think?


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