Friday, February 5, 2016

New Cricut Access - Subscriptions just got better!

The Cricut Image Library Subscription has a new name and some great new benefits!  Now you can purchase Cricut Access on a monthly or yearly basis and you will also receive a 10 % discount on purchase made at or through Design Space.  If you have the monthly or the yearly plan, you will have first access to new images and projects and will receive some exclusive designs.
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While our lives were so crazy this past year, with buying, selling and renovating houses, job changes, a wedding and a new baby the subscription and the iPhone app were a huge help.  I was able to make quick projects and cards for family occasions when I had very little time to search for what I needed.  Even though I suffer from OCCD (Obsessive Cartridge Collecting Disorder) and have several hundred cartridges, I still enjoy having access to many images that are only in Design Space or are from cartridges that I don't want to add to my collection.

Cricut Access can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis - just like the subscription.  If fact, if you had a monthly or yearly subscription, you will find that you already have Cricut Access and the new benefits.

For a monthly plan you pay $9.99 each month.  The subscription will renew automatically but you can cancel at anytime.

The annual plan costs a little less than the old price of $99/year.  It is now $95.88 which works out to $7.99 per month but you make just one payment.

When you are using Design Space, you will see a green "a" in the top left corner of every item included in the Access plan.  Here you can see that some of these images are part of the Cricut Access, the heart is from a cartridge that I have purchased (Hannah Montana) and the true love collage in the lower right corner is part of the Cricut Access but I also own the cartridge.  The items in the top left are Sesame Street images from a cartridge that I do not own.  Most Cricut images are included in the Access plan, however, certain licensed images are excluded.

If you are new to Cricut - this is the easiest way to have access to more images than you could possibly use!  The Make It Now projects included make it so quick and easy to create with your machine.

Here are the new items announced today that are available only to Cricut Access members:

These new fonts offer lots of great styles.

Here are just some of the new images.  These look like they will be fun to use.

To sign up for the monthly or annual plan click HERE.

If you have any questions about Cricut Access, please leave a comment and I will try to help.

We got our first big snowfall today - much more than originally predicted!  It is pretty but the wet and heavy type so I hope it warms up and melts soon!

After we cleared up most of the driveway, the sun came out to set and the sky was beautiful - all pink and purple.

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  1. We just parked the car at the top of the driveway. No one has tackled the driveway yet. It's nice when a weekend follows a snowfall! All the kids had a snow day yesterday, which meant a nice quilting day for me, without kids to run around everywhere.

    1. Snow days are great for quilting! I hope you got a lot done.

  2. Thanks for the information. I was away on a business trip so catching up on all your post now :) I missed all the snow lucky me LOL

    1. Hi Karen - you were lucky to be away but this year is so much better than the record breaking snow of last winter! The Cricut Access is great - there are so many projects and images available to use and I have really enjoyed it even though I have lots of cartridges. Hope we can set up a Southern New Hampshire get together soon!


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