Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cricut Lace Frame Valentine (Print Then Cut project)

One of the things that I like to do with Cricut Design Space is to take images from several cartridges or image sets and put them together in a new way to create a unique design. 

This card uses a frame from the "Frame of Mind" cartridge (included in  Cricut Access).

I ungrouped the two layers of the frame, added a square to each frame, resized the suqares to fill the center openings and welded the shapes together.

The words in the center of the top layer are from the Word Collage cartridge which is also included in the  Cricut Access.  I sized the image to fit the center rectangle, changed the color to red and then flattened the words and the lace top layer together to create a Print Then Cut project.

I cut two different version of the card toppers.  The first one was sized to fit an A2 card.  The cut worked but I thought it just seemed too small and busy.  Then I resized the image to fit on a card base for a 6 x 7 card.  This is not a standard size but it kept the proportions closer to the original frame design.

I thought about using a pale pink behind the lace frame but in the end I wanted the drama of the startk contrast between the white frame and the black second layer.

I also considered just using the top layer for the Print Then Cut and applying it directly to the card base (but I also rejected this idea!).

The tiny details of this frame cut well on the intricate cut card stock setting but it does take a long time to cut completely (so you can work on something else while waiting for it to finish).

I didn't add any additional embellishments to the card. I did think about getting out my Stickles glitter glue but the design is so frilly I think it works with no added bling.  You could also size this image to fit a standard frame and use it for a Valentine's Day decoration.

If you would like to make this card you can find the Design Space file HERE.

The red rectangle in the file is used for sizing purposes.  I cut the card base with a trimmer by cutting a 7 inch strip of cardstock from a 12 x 12 sheet and folding it in half.

Do you have some special plans for Valentine's Day?  It is supposed to be extremely cold here and our nephew is coming to stay with us for a few days so I think we will have a simple dinner at home.

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  1. Hi Diane

    This design is great. I love how you took a design from design space and changed it to make it you own. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. Thanks for sharing your ideas and designs.


    1. Thanks Luria! I am glad that you like it. It is a lot of fun to use images in a new way. There are so many images that work well together once you try them.


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