Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Freebies and Specials for the Fourth of July

Every week the Silhouette Online Store has a free shape of the week.  This week, just in time for the holiday and the long weekend they are offering this set of three cupcake toppers.

These would be cute for a picnic and would also work as flat rosettes with dangling ribbons for 4th of July celebrations.  There is a post on the Silhouette blog HERE that explains how to use these shapes in a variety of ways.

There is also a special sale on 4th of July shapes that lasts through the 4th (so look right away to see if you want any of these for 75 cents). You can find the Independence Day sale shapes by clicking into the online store from your Studio program or by clicking HERE.

It's Wednesday, so don't forget to check out One Buck Wednesday at Jessica There are several patriotic sets at very good prices.

If you are a StoryBook Creator software user, there are some nice free pre-designed pages on the Creative Memories blog HERE.  These are templates in StoryBook format and you will find the links to download and install them to your program on THIS BLOG PAGE.

The images above show most of the twenty one 12 x 12 pages.  There is also a set of 11 x 8 1/2 pages if you prefer that format.

Creative Memories Software Information

I'll be posting more about StoryBook in a couple of days.  To answer a general question, StoryBook and Memory Manager are not part of the plan for the business Creative Memories will have after the bankruptcy proceedings are completed.  This means that support from CM will be going away eventually.

You can still print books, page prints and other items through the digital center as long as you place an order by August 21st.  I would recommend finishing any projects or using any credits you have as soon as possible since the situation could change with little warning.

You will still be able to use the program since it is not dependent on an internet connection.  The developers of the program (which was exclusively licensed to Creative Memories to sell) have stated that they are working to remove any legal barriers to using the content you have already purchased in StoryBook format in their version of the program.  Any content you have in universal format can already be used in the alternate program.

There is not currently a direct printing facility associated with this version of the program but you can save pages as JPEGS and upload to any printer that you prefer (the same way you can do this with the current StoryBook program).

You won't have to change to the other program right away - but eventually there may be system updates that will require StoryBook to be updated and changing to the other program will take care of updates since there will be support through the developers.  You may need to change programs when you move to a new computer since the activation codes are handled through CM now.  The programs are virtually identical so there will be little or not learning curve when and if you switch.

It is not clear yet if there will be a special price for StoryBook users to move to the equivalent program but I will let you know as soon as information is available.

This card is one that I made a couple of years ago when I was a Guest Designer for Peachy Keen Stamps.  The cute silhouette cut is from the "A Child's Year" Cricut cartridge.  You can see the details about this card HERE.

I hope you have a great holiday - it's a four day weekend for a lot of people!

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  1. Do you know of any mfgrs. who might make strap hinge albums similar to CM? IA know Westtrim used to, but they seem to have gone away. Maybe another mfg. will get on the wagon and make these great albums. I don't like the post or 3 ring ones. I may be completely out of luck. Thanks and Hugs.

    1. I have heard that Hobby Lobby carries a strap hinge album - we don't have this store in my area so I can't give any opinion about the quality. I haven't seen Westrim album available locally either. I also prefer the straphinge because they open flat and there isn't a gap between pages. If CM doesn't make these albums in the future, I hope another company will see the demand and start making them. I'll post any sources that I find for similar albums.


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