Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Creative Memories Custom Album Covers

Today is the last day to order some Creative Memories core products.  Album Coversets in certain colors, pages & page protectors and tape runner refills are included in the Last Chance Order which ends today, July 31st.  If you need to order any of these items you should try to order early in the day as the servers often get overloaded when there are high volumes of orders.  You can find the Last Chance Order items HERE.

August 21st will be the last day to place any orders for items that are still available on the website.  The websites will shut down after the 21st.  Some album coversets (primarily specialty coversets) are not part of the Last Chance Order group so you could order them in August but you will not be able to order pages to go with them (if you have extra pages on hand you are all set).  There are alternatives to using Creative Memories pages in the coversets and I have ordered some samples to try (I'll let you know what I think...).

You can create custom album covers and order them through the Digital Center until September 23, 2013.  Click HERE to go to the page on my CM site that explains how to make a custom album. 

I thought I'd share photos of the custom album covers that I have made.  I think these are my favorite albums of all!  The simplest type is made by simply uploading a photo and having the cover made with your photo.   This is the album I made for our son and daughter-in-law for their wedding (multiple copies for parents too!).

This photo of the gates from a churchyard looking toward the ocean on Grand Turk is from the cruise we went on a couple of years ago.  There isn't a cruise ship in the photo but it was one of my favorites from the trip.

This album is the last full photo cover album I made.  This photo was taken on our trip to California a couple of months ago (sorry, I just realized that I forgot to pull off the bar code sticker and it is after dark and too late to take another photo).

In addition to using a single photo for the entire cover there are templates on the digital center that allow you to drag and drop a few photos into the design.  You create the cover in the digital center without using software but you are limited to simply dragging and dropping your photos and can't change the layout.  I never made an album using these templates but there are some very nice ones.  You can add text and have choices of fonts and styles on the digital center.

If you use the StoryBook Creator software, you can also create your own cover and order it by uploading directly from the program to the digital center.  This is a cover that I made with some flower photos that I have taken.  I added some patterned paper to the background and created my own grid for the photos.

This album is simply a favorite piece of digital paper (from the Peacock digital power palette).  I was very happy with the way it turned out and it was so quick and easy to do.

The final album was a little more complicated to make.  When we go on vacation I take a lot of photos and one year in Italy I became obsessed with the variety of doorknockers and started photographing all of the different styles.

I made this page with a white background as part of the Layout a Day challenge in May (the prompt was the lead pipe in the game of Clue so I went with 'metal" as my theme).  I simply deleted the text and added a background paper that suited the colors in the photos. 

If you decide to try making one of these albums my CM ID is 82352282 (you might need this when you register on the digital center).

While custom covers for hardbound photo books are common I have not found another company that makes custom albums for paper scrapbooking.  I hope that another company might start doing this since Creative Memories is exiting this line of business.  If you know of a place where you can make custom album coversets like these please leave a comment.

It's hard to believe July is over already - I am sure August will fly by as well.  Have you done all of the projects you wanted to do this summer?  I know I have a long way to go to catch up with my list!

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