Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stars and Stitches - A Stamping Experiment


Every so often I like to try something outside of my usual die cutting and photography/digital obsessions.   I wondered if I could make an interesting card using just one stamp set, plain ivory cardstock and some colored inks.  This card was the result.

I had this stamp set called Stitched Together sitting on my craft island - I've been meaning to try it out for a long time.  You can find it HERE.

Two of the long lines of stitches centered on the card front and repeated worked nicely to create a background.  I used the same color for both sets of stitches however, you could try using two (or more) colors for more of a stripe effect.

After the background was done, I just started randomly stamping the stitched stars using four different colors of ink.  I always have trouble being random (I get a little twitchy when things don't line up or are not symmetrical!) but I just let go and stamped here and there trying to keep a separation between stars of the same color.

Do you have problems with "random?"  I spent an entire afternoon at a quilt retreat trying to rearrange some blocks to be "random" and still have none of the same colors or patterns touching! 

I decided to use this as a birthday card.  The sentiment is from the Hooray Bouquet  stamp set.  You can find it HERE. Since the front of the card looked vaguely like a flag I liked the idea of the "grandest" year (for the "grand old flag").

In the end, I couldn't just leave well enough alone with nothing but stamping on the front of  the card.  I added some clear gem stickers to make the card sparkle.

While we are on the subject of stamping, I want to remind you that there are just a few days left to take advantage of the special June pricing on all of the True Stamp classes. 

I wrote about these classes earlier this month - for your convenience I am pasting in the information from that post here.  You can click on each photo to go to the page for that class.

Back in March, I participated in the first True Stamp event offered by Lain Ehmann.  This full day event included classes with experts from six stamp companies.  I was driving home from New Jersey for part of the day so I attended some of the sessions live and had to catch up with the other classes by watching the recordings.  I learned a lot of techniques and the videos and the discussions were very helpful.

These six classes are now available for individual purchase.  The regular price would be $12.95 per class but until the end of June, Lain is making them available for just $7 each.

Each class includes:
-Project video
-Hour-long "like you were there" video (including Q&A and chat)
-Supply list
-Project photos
You can click HERE to see all of the classes on a single page or click the individual images below for more information on each session.

Unity Stamp Co.

 Simon Says Stamp

 Paper Smooches

Technique Tuesday

 Raisin Boat

 Lawn Fawn

You can see all of the classes together on THIS PAGE.  Choose one or two or take them all for just $42 (that's $5 less than I paid to take the classes during the event).   You can watch the videos over and over to be sure you pick up all of the tricks and tips.

Still wondering, why is it so hard to be random...  Do you have that problem? (share in a comment if you'd like to tell a "random" story!)

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  1. When I have a quilt that needs random placement, I put all the squares on a spare bed. Then I squint and focus on the color saturation, making sure that same colored squares flow across and down the quilt. Then I rearrange those few that are next to the same color. It may take a little while but I can usually be satisfied in 15 minutes or less. Does this make sense?

    1. Bobby - that makes a lot of sense. I just tend to over think these things and want to make it "even more perfect" (while being "random"!). Maybe I need you to come arrange my blocks!

  2. I also have trouble trying to make random designs. I can set it up but then, I just have to "fix" it to make it more balanced. I think it has something to do with the right brain/left brain dominance.

    1. Frann - that's it. I can't leave good enough alone, I just have this need to try to balance things perfectly. My grandmother was that way with the "scrap yarn" afghans she used to crochet - she needed to make a pattern even though it was supposed to be random. So I guess I inherited that trait!


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