Thursday, June 6, 2013

Iris Images

The iris are blooming in our gardens.  They don't last long and we have had some heavy rains which shorten their limited season.  I love irises and with my camera I can save them to enjoy year round.

I did a little digital magic with one of my photos.  The edited photo is in the lower right corner above and I used the StoryBook Creator software to isolate just the image of the flower.  This image was a bit trickier to do than some images since the contrast with the background was not as strong as I would like.  With patience, I was able to produce the isolated image at the top left - and then I started to experiment.

I grouped two flower images together and then copied and pasted, rotating the images to create a new shape.  I continued grouping and rotating the images.

After many rotations, this was the final result.  Pretty, but I wasn't done yet!

I copied and pasted the full circle image two times and then made each layer smaller.  I added some circles and filled them with coordinating colors and patterns of paper to make a center for the image.

Would you be able to tell what this image was made of if I hadn't shown you the steps along the way?  I think it looks like feathers!

If you are a Silhouette machine user, there is an interesting new twist on the selling of files in the Silhouette Online Store.

There is a special bundle of shapes available in the Silhouette Online Store this week.  A project by Jeana featured on their blog HERE used these shapes for a very cute applique quilt.  For one week after the blog post (there is a countdown on the page) you can buy the four sets of shapes at a bundled price of $2.79.  This is a discount of about 30% on the group.  If you already own one or more of the shapes, the price will show an adjustment for "your price" under the regular price.

Have a wonderful day!  I am trying to get through some paperwork of the more practical type today so I can get some time to do some creating with paper later on - wish me luck!

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  1. I think they look like feathers also. You did a beautiful job. As always, beautiful picture of your flowers.

    1. Thanks Deneen,
      It's funny, I never thought of flowers looking like feathers until I did this but I imagine a lot of them would resemble feathers - especially if they have a variegated stripe design. Hmmm - maybe I have to try this with some tulips!


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