Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Why" - another Layout a Day page

"Why?" is a question on many minds lately - particularly in the wake of terrible tragedies, caused by the actions of people or by the forces of nature.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the people in Oklahoma who have lost loved ones or had their homes destroyed and also with the emergency workers who are doing all that they can to help.

The prompt was "why" and feeling a little contrary I thought "why not" and remembered a sign that we saw in a shop in San Juan Bautista when we were in California last month.

It was an antiques/craft/second hand shop with lots of tempting items.  As we were leaving, I saw this hand written chalkboard message and snapped a quick photo.  The idea of needing to go through many failures in order to get to a success is not a new one but it was something I had recently been discussing with some friends.

I hadn't planned on doing anything with the photo - if I had planned ahead I would have been sure to get down to the level of the board and take the photo straight on.

I used this template as a starting point - it's pretty basic but sometimes it helps to have shapes already on the page that you can click and fill.

I added a piece of beautiful digital paper and then starting making some changes.  I eliminated all of the vertical strips of paper on the left side and turn my background paper 90 degrees to make the lines horizontal.

I dropped in the photo and changed the shape of the image and the mat to a true square.  I had to zoom in very close on my photo to fill the shape with just the chalked statement.  I added a second horizontal bar to hold the second part of my interpretation of the prompt.  I fill the mat with a coordinating pink paper from the same kit and created a couple of notched ribbons to tuck behind the top bar and the photo for a little more interest.

Start with a sketch or template - and then change it all around...why not?

If you are a digital crafter, don't forget that it is "One Buck Wednesday" over at Jessica Sprague.   Every week you can find a selection of digital items for $1 or half price.  Click HERE to go to the site and you'll see the info about One Buck Wednesday on the right side as you scroll down.

There are some great bargains to be found every week and sometimes there are mega kits like this circus kit from Samantha Walker that are a steal at $1.

There will also be new items listed for sale today at Blitsy.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday they add great deals on craft items.  You have to join to shop but registration is simple and free.  Once you are a member, you can refer your friends and family and earn credits for future purchases.  If you haven't joined yet, please use my LINK to go to the site - thanks for helping me to earn some credits!

Items for sale on Blitsy remain available for just one week - or until they are sold out (this can happen very quickly).  Sometimes additional stock becomes available and an item that had been sold out will return, so it pays to check back every so often if there is something you really want.

Today is Day 22 of LOAD and I am up to date with my pages - hurray!  I'll be sharing more of them but I have something different planned for tomorrow and Friday...

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