Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend


This weekend marks the traditional start of the summer season even though the summer solstice is still about a month away.  In many parts of the country, schools are finishing.  College graduations have been happening for the past few weeks.  There are parades and picnics planned and we have some family parties to attend.

I thought I'd share this page that I did in the first week of the Layout a Day (LOAD) challenge.  The overall theme of the month is Mystery, based on the board game Clue and one day a week the prompt is the title of a mystery book or movie.  The prompt for this page was "And Then There Were None" which is the revised title of the Agatha Christie book originally called "Ten Little Indians."

I thought about something quite different than a murder mystery when I made my page.  The phrase made me think of the spectacular finale at most fireworks displays.  The sky is full of beautiful sparkly colors which then very quickly fade to nothing.  I knew that I had some photos that I had taken of the fireworks at our town's 375th birthday celebration.

I started by selecting photos and arranging the 16 best images in a grid pattern.  The problem with this arrangement was that they still looked like separate photos and I wanted to blend them together to simulate the sky full of multiple fireworks exploding at once when the show ends.

 With a lot of trial and error, I angled and resized my images and softened the edges of the photos.  I used an overlay file to add the swirls all around the page to add to the excitement and filled it with a gold color, adding a glitter effect.

When the black background is added, the blending of the photos comes close to making them appear to be all exploding at once.  The title was added with the color chosen from one of the fireworks and the glitter effect added.

 Here is another look at the completed page.  It took longer than I expected to put this together but it is the type of page that I could only do digitally in order to blend the photos into one big black sky.

The finished digital page reminded me of a design that I created last year around this time using the Silhouette Studio software.   I think this would make a nice background paper.

I cut a smaller version of the design and created this card.  You can see all of the details about the design at THIS POST.

It looks like we have a couple of rainy days ahead.  I hope there will be a few sunny spots through the weekend.  Do you have plans to travel over the long weekend or will you be staying close to home?  If it is rainy that may mean more crafting time - so it's not all bad!

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