Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Page of Random Reds


Happy Sunday!

I hope you were able to sign up for one of the free classes at Craftsy yesterday.  I haven't seen an announcement yet about whether they made their goal of giving away 10,000 free classes.  I hope they made it so the donation of $5000 to Donors' Choice will be made to help fund arts education in public schools across the US.

I just have a quick post today to share another Layout a Day page. The theme of the month is "Get a Clue and all of the prompts are based on the board game Clue and related mystery terms. One of the categories of prompts are terms used in mystery writing.  The prompt on the day I did this page was "red herring."  I couldn't think of a good red herring story so I simply focused on the color red and chose some photos that represent certain meaningful places and events.

I spent more time selecting the photos than I did putting the page together since I used a digital template and made only a couple of changes to the template.  The random layering of the photos and the large fancy background shape would be easy to reproduce on a paper layout.  I did change the color values, making my background dark and the shadow of the large shape white.

I added the location where each photos was taken and titled the page "Random Reds."  The font used for both the title and the photo captions is "Adolphus."

I have noticed while doing LOAD (Layout a Day) this month that I definitely have a tendency to want to use a lot of photos on a page.  There are many beautiful pages that only have one or two photos but I always feel that they need more photos and less decoration.

Do you like to have many photos on the page when you make scrapbooks?   Do you do a lot of pages with only one photo?  I think a balance between types of pages is the best.

I hope your weekend is going well.  We have been doing house and garden projects and visiting with family. The weather is nice and if I could just shake these allergies (which have evolved into a sinus infection) I'd be much more energetic!
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  1. Hello Diane,

    What type of digital software do you use. I would live to try digital scrapbooking as I have so many pictures from special events that I have not scraped.



    1. Hi Luria,

      I use the Creative Memories software StoryBook Creator for digital scrapping and Memory Manager for photo organization and editing.
      Digital is a lot of fun but it can be a little overwhelming since you have so many options!
      If you would like to know more about the program I use I'd be happy to talk to you about it - just send me an email at capadiadesigns(at)gmail(dot)com. You can get a lot done in a hurry if you need to with digital and there is no mess!

  2. I love your page and the different hues of red. Matting the background in white and the photos also in white give the page a wonderful balance. Very nice!

    Templates don't really work for me most of the time as I tend to scrap with a lot of pictures too.

    1. Hi Melody,

      Thanks for the nice compliment. There are some templates for lots of photos and you can also save your pages that you do with lots of photos as templates for future pages. I think "fuller" pages are starting to get more popular. You can also put a photo collage in the space that was intended for just one photo.
      I do like digital scrapping - it's fun to try out lots of options as long as you don't get too carried away!


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