Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Memories and Treats

The folks at Hershey's asked me to participate in their Easter Bunny Trail again this year.  When you visit their site HERE you will find links to a variety of blogs with shared memories, crafts and recipes.

In addition to the shared blog posts, there are a number of recipes, craft ideas, decorations, coloring pages and other treats - click the links on the blue ribbon at the top of the bunny trail page to see all they have to offer.

Our family has a tradition of elaborate Easter Egg hunts - particularly those organized by my sister and brother-in-law in New Jersey.  My Dad was always an eager participant, either coaching the grandchildren to find eggs or hunting them on his own  (that's not an eye patch on my sister - just the pom-pom from her daughter's hat in an awkward position!).

Some years, we would hide eggs just for Dad, even if there weren't any grandkids around.  At my sister's house the eggs were real hard boiled eggs (they ate egg salad for about a week after Easter) but we started using the plastic eggs and filling them with chocolate.  One of my Dad's favorite candies was the big plain Hershey milk chocolate bar but they don't fit inside an egg so we put kisses, miniatures and nuggets in the eggs in later years.  It became a running joke to hide plastic eggs at his apartment in the retirement village whenever I visited - even if it was nowhere near Easter.  He sometimes found eggs in October - I told him the "Halloween Bunny" must have visited!  This is our first Easter without Dad so the memories are bittersweet.

No matter his age - he was just one of the kids when it came to hunting eggs!

Do you do Easter eggs hunts with your family?  This is our older son on the steps of our house in New Jersey.  I think he was pretty pleased with the number of eggs in his basket!

The egg hunt must go on - rain or shine!  Our younger son was having fun on this rainy day when we lived in Germany.  His basket filled up slowly because he stopped to eat the contents of each egg as he found it!

Thanks to Hershey's for sending me this basket of Easter treats.  It looked so pretty that I was reluctant to untie the bow (you know I'll be saving that ribbon for a craft project...).

There are so many candies to choose to fill your basket - these are some of my favorites.  I'll be sharing the goodies with our extended family on Easter.

Be sure to stop by the Bunny Trail HERE.

If you are looking for more Easter ideas, this is the digital page I made for last year's Bunny Trail post.  You can read about it HERE.

For a last minute crafty touch for your Easter table these little treat bags are quick and easy to make - you can find the directions HERE.

I hope you are having a great week - do you have any special Easter memories to share?  I'd love to hear about your traditions - just leave a comment below.  Thanks!

One more family note - Happy Birthday to my sister Margie in Wisconsin - enjoy this "significant" birthday!

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  1. When my children were little we hid the entire basket, not just eggs. One year we didn't hide it well enough. The dog found it and ate all the candy so all the child found were empty wrappers.

    1. That's funny Bobby - I hope the child wasn't too upset (and that the dog didn't get sick)!

  2. We haven't hid eggs in a few years but we always hide the Easter baskets. Even though my boys are older now they still enjoy finding their baskets and I enjoy stumping them on where I hid it...

    1. Hi di - one year when our oldest son was at college we hid a basket for him even though he wasn't going to be home for Easter. We found it a couple of months later (and still ate the chocolate!)

  3. Diane, thanks for sharing your sweet memories. Congratulations on being recognized by Hershey.

    1. Thanks Katie - holiday traditions are so special. I shouldn't eat the chocolate....but I will!

  4. Hi Diane, We are in our 70's and the oldest couple in our cul de sac. Every year we organize an egg hunt. I stuff hundreds of eggs with money (over $100), candy and rocks and hide them around the houses. At noon on Easter the kids meet in the middle of the street and then go house to house hunting eggs. They all meet on our deck afterwards to count their loot then we serve everyone an early picnic dinner, rain or shine. This year it's going to be sunny so it should really be fun. My husband and I get so much love all year from the neighbors its our way to say thank you. Happy Easter!

    1. Hi MaryAnn,
      That sounds like quite an elaborate egg hunt - I am sure it is a highlight of the year for all of your little (and big) neighbors!
      I hope the weather is wonderful for your celebration - enjoy the day!


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