Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Egg Decorating

Decorating Easter eggs is one of my favorite things to do.  I've been tied up with non-crafty things for a couple of days so I thought I would link up a couple of older posts where I explained how to use vinyl die cuts to decorate eggs.  I am hoping to have some time later this weekend to try a few new ideas...

Hard boiled eggs are fun to decorate but if you are going to do very elaborate designs that you want to save from year to year you will need to empty the eggs.

I use this tool to empty the eggs.  I got it when we lived in Germany but you can find similar kits online.

You drill a tiny hole with the green handled drill and them pump out the contents of the egg with the yellow bellows attached to the needle.  You may end up eating a lot of scrambled eggs if you have many decorating ideas to try.

To display your pretty eggs, you can make some simple collars.  These are connected with a butterfly brad to make them special for Spring.

To read more about my experiments with using vinyl for dyeing eggs and to find directions for making the display collars go to THIS POST.

You can find out how to decorate the eggs for these wreaths at THIS POST.

Have a great weekend!

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