Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daylight Savings Time (and dessert)

Happy Sunday - did you remember to set your clocks ahead?  After yet another snowstorm (this one kept me in New Jersey longer than I had planned to stay) it is good to be home.  I don't like "springing ahead" when we miss the hour of sleep but I certainly do enjoy having more daylight time in the afternoon/evening.

I couldn't believe the difference in a 24 hour period - from gusty winds and slushy snow on Friday morning to bright sun and temperatures in the 50's on Saturday.  When the snow finally stopped late Friday afternoon I was able to take this photo of the New York City skyline from the third floor of my sister's house.  The sun on the buildings made the city glow.  Their house is on a steep hill so only the roof and chimney of the house across the street are visible in this photo.

While I was in New Jersey we celebrated my sister's birthday with a special cake.  Can you guess what type it is?  This concoction was inspired by my brother who recently told me about something called a "Cherpumple."  (Google it - you'll be amazed at the images you will find...)

This pie-cake is a dessert version of the Turducken (a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken).  There are three cake layers, each with a pie baked inside.  You can watch a video by Charles Phoenix, the inventor of this insanely caloric dessert, HERE.  There is even an article in the Wall Street Journal about these cakes - read it HEREApparently this all started a few years ago - how did I miss it until now?!

Our version was a single layer with a cherry pie bake in a chocolate cake - with lots of chocolate frosting.  It tasted great and was even better the next day.

Unfortunately, I missed most of the True Stamp event on Saturday while I was driving home but I will catch up by watching the videos.   I did catch the last couple of sessions and was inspired to try some different techniques now that I am finally back home and expect to be staying here for the next few weeks.

The image at the top of this post is a "doodle" that I designed last night.  With a little luck, I will be able to test cut it in the next few days.  I also had some nice surprises in the mail and I am looking forward to sharing some new projects.

I hope you had a great week - is anyone doing Spring cleaning already?  Are you inspired to try making a pie-cake? I am trying to figure out the crafting equivalent - any ideas?

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  1. Never heard of cherpumple (I did google it, yum) but I watched Drop Dead Dive on Lifetime and one of the characters opened a shop where she sold pakes, pie cakes. Sounds delicious and I see why you opted for one layer. ;) Glad you'll be settling down in the craft room so we can see some more of your gorgeous designs.

  2. I watched the video and that crazy "chef" and I'm not sure if my stomach could handle that dessert. Each slice has to add several inches on your hips! It would be fun to try it with a group of friends though. Glad you made it home safe and sound. I hope you were able to finish up your Dad's estate on this trip. That's never a fun chore.

  3. Glad you made it home safely, Diane. Loved hearing about the cherpumple - something else 'Mom' knows about that the (adult) kids had never heard of! LOL!
    As for the crafting equivalent - how about a scrapbook page that folds out of a card? Hmmm! :)

  4. Cake looks divine!! Since my daughter and DGS have moved in with us temporarily until she gets back on her feet, Spring cleaning is a little difficult BUT I am so inspired to start updating my kitchen as soon as my knees cooperate. Just got a shot in each knee so I should see some improvement shortly - now is not a great time to be on a ladder - LOL!! TFS!!

  5. Dessert looks yummy, but I had to comment on that is AWESOME!!


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