Saturday, November 3, 2012

New England November

We had some beautiful weather with bright blue skies today.  I thought you might enjoy this photo of the Catholic church on the town square here in Concord.  The tree by the church still has lots of brightly colored leaves - even after the hurricane!  They were glowing in the sunlight and I kept trying to capture the light but I only had my little "purse camera" with me.

I love living in a place that has four distinct seasons (please remind me that I said that when the snow comes and stays too long!).  I think the autumn is my favorite.  The crisp air and the brilliant colors are so invigorating after the hot and humid summer weather.

The churches in town have lovely steeples with many interesting details. 

The gold dome really shines in the sunlight.

There are so many different designs of steeples.  I am trying to round up my church photos for inspiration for some ornaments I'd like to make for Christmas.  I am thinking of doing both flat and three dimensional ornaments.  Do you make ornaments for your Christmas tree (if you put up a tree?).

I noticed that some people have started to talk about putting up their Christmas tree already - it seems way too early to me.  When do you decorate for the holidays?  

I think that the Christmas things should wait until after Thanksgiving.  The Sunday after Thanksgiving I put the candles in the windows and then I try to bring boxes down from the attic and add a tree or mantlepiece each day until it is all up.  We wait and do the live tree right before Christmas.

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  1. Beautiful photos. We haven't used a real tree in years. I put up my tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. (usually) I have a couple of small trees, White and pink, that I will be decorating with some cricut cuts. I'm thinking about using Teddy Beat Parade for one of them

  2. Concord is a beautiful city! I have to agree with you about the four seasons. I love the changes and Autumn is my favorite! The colors and the crisp, fresh air make it such a relief after a hot, dry summer, even though our summers are pretty short!

    I like to put my tree up right after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas and the wonderful decorations, but also love the Thanksgiving feel. I'm not going to take a chance on losing it.

  3. I love your church photos. What a beautiful crisp looking sky. We decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving if possible. My allergies took away a live tree years ago.

  4. The first picture would be really pretty with Flower Soft!!!

  5. the one thing i miss about living in the northeast is seeing the leaves change colors in the fall. how lucky you are.
    littlen44 at gmail dot com


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