Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tea Party Card (file and directions)


 I hope you are enjoying the Scrappy-Go-Lucky blog hop - there is a lot of inspiration to be found on each of the Design Team blogs this week.  For all of the details and to leave a comment for a chance to win the prize on my blog please click HERE to go to yesterday's post (only comments on that post will be used for the drawing).

As promised, I have a bit of explanation about how I made this file to share with you today.  I also have the .cut file to share.  I'll add the .gypsy file as soon as I have a chance to do a test cut.

The background of the card is made using these images from the Mother's Day cartridge.

The medallion shape is adapted by using the right center handle to change the proportion to fit an A2 card.  The shape was entered at 5 inches tall and the width changed to 3.75 inches.

The two lines in the center of the medallion are hidden using "hide selected contour" - since there are two lines hidden they will stay hidden when the file is closed and reopened.

The lace design is also adapted to fit the shape of an A2 card and centered within the medallion.

In order to create the lace cutout, the outer contour of the lace image must be hidden.  Since there is only one line that you want to hide,  you need to use a workaround to keep the file ready to cut.  You have to hide at least two lines for the lines to remain hidden.

For one lace image the outside line and one small cut are hidden.  For the second image, everything but that one small cut is hidden.  By placing two images in exactly the same position (use the x and y values to confirm this) the file will cut properly and you won't have to remember to hide the outer line each time.  This work-around is not needed when using hide selected contour on the Gypsy since a single line will stay hidden (you can also copy and paste images and retain the hidden lines).

I hope that Design Studio will be updated to fix these issues with hide selected contour - it will be a huge timesaver!

The tea set image is from the Heritage cartridge.  It is cut at 2 inches exactly as it appears on the cartridge.

The same lace image from the Mother's Day cartridge is adapted to a much smaller scale to be drawn before the tea set is cut out.

I used the preview of the tea set to plan the exact placement of the design on the cut.  Do not unload the mat between drawing and cutting to be sure that the design will be in exactly the right position.

The word tea is from the base alphabet on the Lyrical Letters cartridge.  It is simply welded and sized at about one inch tall.

The lace background is very delicate.  I cut it from a shimmery piece of cardstock from the Luxury Stack by DCWV.  For delicate cuts like this it is a good idea to do a 2 x multicut.  This will eliminate most of the "trouble spots" where the blade does not quite cut through on the many twists and turns and you should be able to lift the cut easily with most of the negative cuts staying on the mat.

I hope you enjoy making this card - it would be lovely for a special party invitation or a thank you card.  I'd love to see your version - you can add it here using the link (this is my first time trying this - I hope it works!)

Tea Party Lace Card

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  2. I don't have these carts, but I really love your design. Thanks for all the tips on cutting it out. They certainly help a ton with my projects!

  3. Diane, thank you for the file. I hope I can learn to make this someday when I understand my DS better. The lace is so beautiful.

  4. So pretty!! I don't have the Mother's day cart, but I would love to pick it up just to use this cut like you have. I absolutely ♥ it!!

  5. Thanks so much Diane! Love your design - it's been a while since I've downloaded one of your files.

    I have all the carts, so I'm going to cut it tomorrow.

    Carmen L

  6. I just want you to know how helpful all of your instructions and videos are. I was ready to give my cricut and DS away! Thanks for all you do!


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