Friday, March 26, 2010

Dramatic Black and White (with a little red)

Sometimes all it takes to create a nice card is a great piece of paper, ribbon and a special embellishment.

This dramatic black and white paper is from the American Crafts "Amplified" collection.  I believe it came out in the Winter of 2008 and I am not sure if it is still available.  The black and white flowers are from the Creative Charms Simplicity Collection.  The red ribbon is from Costco.  I always check the ribbon when I am at Costco - they have some beautiful choices and the price is so low - less than $10 for 50 continuous yards.

The black and white patterned paper needed a bit of an edge for definition.  I punched some birds from the matting layer.  Ever since the new Nursery Rhymes cartridge was announced, I can't get some of the songs out of my head - these could be some of the "four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie"!. (The birds are not for this card - I will use them for another project.  You can get double use of your cardstock by using this simple trick whenever a layer will be hidden - this will work on nearly every card that you make with layers).

The ribbon from Costco is nearly always wired ribbon.  It will work better on a card if you remove the wire.  This is very easy to do and you can reuse the wire if you save it.

I matted the patterned paper and wrapped the ribbon to the back.  You can use the ATG adhesive on the ends of the ribbon to stick it to the back of the layers.

Here is the plain card with the sheer ribbon.  I like the way the patterned paper shows through a bit. 

When you add the flower the card looks all dressed up.  In our town there is a black and white dance at the high school each year and it took place last weekend.  I imagine that is why I thought of putting the card together when I came across the paper while I was picking up in my craft room.  It is interesting to think about how ideas connect in your mind!

You could add a sentiment to fit the occasion or just use this for a notecard.  Have a great weekend - I'll check in each day if I can.


  1. Very pretty. But I am confused. What did you do with the black cardstock with the punched birds?

  2. what a great idea before matting!!!
    never would have thought of that,

    and just enough red on this card!
    Carol N<><

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love the simpicity and elegance of the card!
    Of course the red on it, just makes it!!

  4. Hi Amy,

    The black cardstock was the thin mat layer to set off the black and white paper with a sharp black edge. To avoid waste and lighten the weight of the card a bit, I often punch out shapes or cut out the center of the lower mat layers on a card or layout.

    It is just another "green" crafting technique!

  5. Beautiful card and great tips to save. Hmmmm, now what could I use that wire from the ribbon for? I'm sure I can think of something.

  6. Ah, what a smart idea! Thanks for explaining.

  7. striking card! and great idea!

  8. "Sometimes all it takes to create a nice card is a great piece of paper, ribbon and a special embellishment."

    The card shows how absolutely correct your statement is. It is STUNNING!!! Great idea on how to save on the CS, I really need to do this!

    Hope all is well Diane, take care,

    Lisa Sturgill :)

  9. Shows what just the right paper, embellishment and color choices can do! This is striking. I love using the recycled black for the mat.

  10. Simple card with WOW effect. You have such great ideas. TFS

  11. Ohhh now I get it...duh! I couldn't figure out where the birds went! Great idea. Thank you.

  12. Where are the is pretty anyway

    KAty, TX

  13. Hi Sugarsherri,

    The birds were not intended for this card. I simply punched them out of the mat layer to conserve paper and lighten the card a bit.

    They will show up in another project...eventually....

  14. This card is really eye catching!
    Thank you for detailing it for us.
    Now about the birds.... smiling.

  15. Love the card, there are certain color combinations that are always classic and this is one of them.

    Now, when are you going to post a new picture with your new haircut? See some of us are paying attention to your post!

  16. Such a beautiful card with such little effort -love it. I also use the paper behind, sometimes just cut part of it out and put in my scrap pile TFS

    Donna C.

  17. Very simple but Oh So Formal looking.

  18. I am a black and white person so you know I am going to have to make some of these thanks so much for the idea

  19. I love, love, love the black and white with a bit of red. The charm on the red ribbon is awesome! Beautiful notecard for anyone and any occassion!

  20. Thank you for sharing your beautiful card.Also thank you for all the DS info its the only program I have and have learned so much from you.

  21. love the drama of the striking contrast of black and white!


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