Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding rings (by request)

A Cricut Message Board member asked for a file with wedding rings, similar to the one on the wedding cartridge but made with George.

It was a bit tricky to get the angles - this is a "fatter" diamond but I think it will work fine for her card. The file has several pages. Page one will cut the basic shape with no "sparkles" in the ring. Leave the mat in place and click on page two to cut the "sparkles" into the diamond shape.

You can also cut page one as a base in white or black. Then use page three to cut just the diamond (you could try using glitter cardstock). If you want the sparkles cut out of the diamond, do not unload the paper after cutting page three and cut page two. Page four will cut just the rings if you want them to be gold (or another color).

Here is a close up view of the diamond - I used diamond Stickles to highlight the sparkles. If you use textured cardstock pay attention to the direction of the texture and placement (this piece has a heavier line at the bottom and may have looked nicer in plain shiny cardstock).

The size is about 3 inches square and I did this file just before I discovered how to "group" the items yesterday so if you need a different size you will have to modify the file.

Wedding Rings


  1. thanks so much for this... these will make a lovely wedding card or LO

  2. wow Cap.
    my son just got engaged a couple of weeks ago so this will be great. Thanks
    ps. i am amazed at how intricate of a design you come up with on all things. several pages. way to think ahead. :)

  3. very detailed and impressive article of wedding card.

  4. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I used your wedding ring file for a card I made last week here is the link

    Thank you so much for the file it turned out great.


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