Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Design Studio Updates!

Provocraft has issued an update to the Design Studio software and there are some great improvements! One of my favorites is that we now have the ability to add own own welded words or shapes to the inside of of the wonderful frames that exist on many of the cartridges! This opens up so many new possibilities.

As an example, this is a card I made using the new Storybook cartridge. I used the frame with an owl on a branch in a scalloped border and added the words "Wise Old Owl" using two of the fonts on the cartridge. I sized it to fit a 5 x 7 card front by altering the size a bit with the side handles. Here is photo of the cut still on the mat.

I also used a rectangle cut to produce an offcut "bonus" piece with an inner scallop that can also be used on a card.

To adhere this design (with the delicate swirls) to a card I again recommend so type of glue pen (I use the Creative Memories Precision Point adhesive - simply dot it all over the back and let it dry to clear then center the design on the card front).

This is just one example - I have tons of ideas and will try to get some posted in the next days. Here are screen shots of a few designs I haven't test cut yet - I'll post files once I test these (I never post unless I have cut the file to be sure it works correctly).

An important thing to remember is that you need to work from the center out as you create this type of design. Get all your elements welded and then add the frame on top - check your welds and then cut! You can put the frame you want to use on another mat and check "Keep preview as mat background" and use that to help in the design process so that your new elements will fit perfectly. Just be sure the add the frame last.

Other improvements I have noticed so far are the up and down nudge buttons - these make it possible to set up a word vertically in one box so that you can easily resize and move or angle it, and the ability to overlap letters with spaces (like "P" and "g") and not lose the holes. Also the mat does not jump to the top all the time when you are working in the lower area on the 100 or 200 view. These are all great improvements and there may be more that I haven't discovered yet - I'll keep posting as I find things and create some new designs taking advantage of these upgrades.

In the meanwhile, here is the file for this card front if you would like to try it. I hope you have fun with all the new things you will be able to do now with the software!

Wise Old Owl Card


  1. I love the sugar and spice one! What cartridge is that?

  2. I love the camp fun one & sugar & spice! Thanks for sharing your cut files & info with us. I really appreciate it, I have 2 small children & work a full time job, so I don't get a lot of time to play with ds. So all info I find is helpful!

  3. Here I am learing how to leave a comment, from BeeCherryLady!
    This is just great, thank u SO stinkin' much for taking the time to write this out! Your a great lady!

  4. thanks for the pattern, and the tip for everything in a time on the snijmat at leggen.dit ticket I for my for the has made which 8 years characters is with storrybook Marian tomorrow

  5. I just came across your blog - I think I will be learning a lot from you!!! Thank you for putting so much info out here for us to use!


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