Monday, August 18, 2008

Disney Princesses - a few more tips!

The multi layered cuts of various Disney characters available on some Cricut Cartridges are very popular but they can be a bit tricky to figure out - especially if you don't use them very often. One of the great things about CDS is the ability you have to set up a complicated cut so that you know precisely how the cut will be made and then save it for future use. In my post about Mulan (linked HERE) I explained how to select and set up all of the pieces on the same mat to speed up the process of creating one of these characters.

I decided to make it even easier for future uses of the same design at the same size. I carefully placed the pieces needed into evenly sized rectangles and squares and noted the colors and sizes needed on a second mat. Now, when I want to make the same character again, I will know exactly what colors and sizes of paper I need and the precise position to place them on the mat (In other words I did all of the "thinking" once and saved it so I don't have to recalculate each time I make a certain character).

Here is a screen shot of the mat showing paper colors and placement for Cinderella #2 at five inches. I just typed the names of the colors and the sizes of each in the appropriate spaces. (You can use any font to do this and they do not have to be so big - I just wanted to be sure they would be visible for this post. You do not even need to own the font cartridge you use to do this since it is merely for reference so just choose one that you find easy to read). You could even record the specific brand and color of paper you used for that character - again saving time since it is often tricky to remember what you may have used (and you may have given that design away so it won't be handy to refer to).

Here is a screen shot showing how the elements of this version of Cinderella fit on the mat.

Here is a screen shot of the mat set up for Belle #5 at five inches

Here is a preview of the mat

and here you can see the actual mat with the paper placed ready to cut. You insert the mat, make sure the file is on page one (where the actual pieces of the design are placed) and "cut with Cricut." If you use multiple mats and are making several of the same character you can get one mat loaded while another is cutting further speeding up the process.

In order to make the screen shot showing the individual colors I made multiple mats in these files - this is not really necessary but it doesn't take long and you can even save screen shots of the second page which shows the colors and sizes and print them up to save in a separate binder so that you can refer to this while the Cricut is cutting from page one (if you are preparing a different figure to cut next).

One other tip for handling and assembling the delicate and small pieces for these figures - I have found that it is easier to apply adhesive to the base layer and then place the small pieces in the correct position when the glue is tacky (I use a Creative Memories Precision Point Adhesive pen - I dot it on the area I want to work on and let it dry to clear and then carefully add my pieces). Tweezers can be helpful to move the bits into position.

Here is the finished Cinderella with a headband decorated with Stickles glitter glue.

You will end up with an interesting off cut from the base layer (the example below is Belle #5) and I actually thought I could use this to make a card - I love the contrast of pink and black and the graceful silhouette (I have not yet decided how many additional details to add in - I think the effect of the plain card is quite pretty).

I plan to save these files as I create the various characters for my projects and then I will be prepared to do future cuts much more easily. Here are my files for these two princesses to share with you - I hope you can use them and that this system makes cutting these popular designs a bit easier for you!

Belle #5 at five inches

Cinderella #2 at five inches


  1. Your explanations are so simple that each time I visit your blog I wonder why can't I think of that? Thank you so much for sharing. Just the other day I tried to do mickey characters and I had a really difficult time. Thank you so much for your help.

  2. This makes it much easier to layer - having the areas labeled is such a great idea Thank you for sharing it.


  3. This is a fabulous idea. Great thoughts! I enjoy ready your blog feeds!

  4. Thank you for this explanation.
    Thank you for the sharing you do.
    You are a great designer and an asset to the Cricut messageboard.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. It has eased my fear of using the cricut to complete layering projects. One quick question. How do you apply the colors to the color and placement slide. I would love to do the same with Mickey and Paperdolls.



  6. Thank you for taking the time to help those of us who don't have as much patience as you!

  7. This method is great! I have already been laying out multiple images/layers on one mat using my Gypsy and Design Studio. But adding the colored rectangles for previewing and even labeling them? Wow, that makes it so much easier! Now I know I won't get confused and use a piece of paper too small again. Thanks for sharing!


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