Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One More Time - Boy Scout Frame

Well, I did an Eagle Frame, and a plain Fleur-de-Lis Frame and a Cub Scout frame so, by yet another request, here is one more - a Boy Scout Frame.

Remember to follow the directions from the Eagle Frame post linked
HERE to have the paper positioned correctly for this full 12 x 12 page cut.

If there are any more variations you are needing - let me know! You can also change the frame yourself by downloading the file, doing a "save as" and eliminating the words or shapes you don't want and then adding in the ones that suit your project. You will need to delete the side of the frame you are working on and then add it back when you have your other elements added (in other words - "burp" the design).

Here is one more photo showing the use of the background filler which is on page two of the file.

Boy Scout Frame

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  1. thank you so much for sharing your scouting frams - my DS just started cubscouts and i am looking forward to useing these.
    thanks again.
    your desings are GREAT
    disneygal from cricut boards


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