Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gemstones done in George

Jannita, who reads my blog from the Netherlands contacted me because she really liked the glitter cardstock gemstone experiment I posted a few days ago but, unfortunately, she does not have the Happily Ever After cartridge to try it out for herself. (I only recently got it when there was a good sale - I thought I would not use it much since my boys are grown but there are many things in addition to the Disney characters on the cartridge - which makes it worthwhile for me - plus the Disney characters are fun to do!)

So, I asked her which Cricut and cartridges she had, I thought for a bit and then decided that I could come up with something similar using just George and the baby bug.

The result is actually more geometrical than the HEA version. I have it set up in the center of the mat and you can use just a piece of 4 inch b 4 inch cardstock placed between 4 and 8 at the top of the mat to cut this. It helps if you have two mats or more mats so you can cut it in multiple colors and then play with putting them together in various combinations.

Here is the cut on the mat so you can see the placement

After you carefully remove the frame it will look like this.

Once again it is a good idea to flip the frame and mark the top so you get the orientation straight for the addition of the triangle pieces.

Dot glue (I use Creative Memories Precision Point Adhesive) on the frame and wait until it turns clear - then adhere it to your card front

Next, dot glue in the larger triangle openings as shown here

Wait for the glue to turn clear and then, paying attention to the orientation of the pieces, add in the large "star point" triangles - it helps to work directly from the mat to keep everything in order.

Here is what the card front looks like with just those points added

I decided to cut a third color to add more variations so I chose a lighter shade of orange and tried adding the large hexagon to the center of the gem.

I glued the dark orange frame to a brighter yellow card and dotted glue in the background triangles like this

Then I added in the lighter orange background triangles, once again working from the mat to keep things in order.

Here are two versions of the card side by side

With a light orange center it looks like this

This is the second version with a green center added

Here I put in the light orange center and four of the eight star points were filled with green

Here everything is filled with green

Above the center is also filled with the light orange and below the center is left open so the yellow card shows through

It is always fun to add some skittles (nickname for the little flat sided plastic drops that are sold under the name "Decorative Accents" in floral display areas of craft stores).

Gemstone in George

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