Sunday, July 6, 2008

Alphabet Swap

I participated in an alphabet swap on the Cricut Message Board Design Studio Forum. We were to design a new alphabet in upper and lower cases and numbers too. These are the alphabets I created.

These are done using Accent Essentials and Plantin Schoolbook. The letter files contain multiple mats to keep all of the cuts on the top of the mat so if you have an original cricut you can use these if you own the cartridges.

While the designs are welded to the letters for cutting individually, you would need to copy and past and shift the components to create any welded words (I keep hoping for an update that will allow grouping of welded elements so they can be moved as a unit).

If you want only certain letters and do not want to waste time and/or paper, you should open a new page of the file and copy and paste the letter and the flourish so that only the letters you wish to cut are on that mat. If the letters you want happen to fall in the same position on the new mat, you can either open yet another page or carefully shift the two pieces to a new location and make sure that they are touching in the same way as the originals (or you can improve upon my beginning and adapt as you please).

I was going for an elegant, fairy tale look with these. For the upper case I kept the flourishes on the left side and for the numbers I kept the flourishes on the right side but for the lower case the flourishes changed in size and location until I liked the way they looked!

Many variations are possible so feel free to take this as a starting point and adapt to your purposes!

Flourish Alphabet - Upper Case

Flourish Alphabet - lower case

Flourish Numbers


  1. All of your designs are wonderful, but this flourish alphabet is outstanding!!!! Thank you for all you do for the rest of us.
    Susan El Paso,TX USA

  2. The alphabets and numbers are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful files.

  3. I love your work, you're so creative. I love your blog so much I tagged it! Go to 7-8 "tag" post to see the rules of the game. And thanks again for sharing!

  4. WOW they are gorgeous TFS
    I just left you an award on my blog. Go check it out

  5. WOW, These are absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing another of your wonderful designs

  6. I always so love your designs...and these are totally LOVELY! I really appreciate your generosity in sharing your creativity with are a blessing indeed!

  7. wow, what a great way to change up the font. I love it! I would have never thought to do that, but now I can so many possibilities! TFS! Your work is great!

  8. These are absolutely beautiful!
    Can't wait to use these on a layout!
    Thanks so much for sharing!


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