Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leaf Peeping Season

Happy October! Our fabulous weather has continued and it may get to about 80 degrees on Wednesday.  I had a chance to take a walk around the cranberry bog in Carlisle (the next town to the north) and I have some photos to share.  The colors are not yet at their peak but it is still a beautiful place for a walk.  The wet harvest of the cranberries usually happens around Columbus Day.  If you have never seen how the harvest is done or would like some more information about the bog, you can check the town website HERE.

The cranberries grow in this large flat area.  There are a couple of reservoirs along the sides that are used to flood the bog when it is time to float the cranberries for harvest.

The bright blue sky and vivid leaves reflecting on the water in the reservoir are a beautiful sight.

The leaves overhead look like they are on fire when the sun shines through them.

This time of year many people travel to our area to enjoy the fall colors.  They are referred to as the "leaf peepers" since the autumn foliage is the primary reason that they come to visit.  If you have never seen a New England autumn, it is definitely something for "the list."

One of the things I first noticed when we moved to this area was the tendency for people to place small pumpkins along their walls or atop their fence posts.

 I've decided to try to photograph as many of these walls and fences as I can this fall (just for fun!).

I am curious - do people put small pumpkins on walls and fences in other parts of the country?  Please let me know if you have seen them in your area (and leave a comment to tell me where you are located).

We had a very busy weekend with family and guests visiting.  I am hoping that Wednesday will be a crafty day for me.  Here is a sneak peek at something I have been working on.  Does fall make you think about quilts?

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  1. Just want you to know that I really enjoy your tours. Someday I'm going to visit your area during the Autumn, so far I've been to Boston only and in June, beautiful, but not the same! No pumpkins here in very windy northern Montana. They wouldn't stay put!

    1. Thanks so much - it is nice to know that you appreciate the "non-crafty" posts too! Maybe you would need the bigger heavier pumpkins in Montana...I didn't know it was so windy there. I hope you get to make a leaf peeping trip someday.

  2. Here in the Pacific North Wet we get yellows and golds rather than the gorgeous reds in your tour pictures. Sigh! The mini pumpkins for my fence posts are still ripening in my pumpkin patch and I may be buying them this year! Thanks for the lovely pictures. Christine

    1. The reds are mostly from the maple trees - and the sumac too I think. The oaks tend to be more yellow and gold or just brown. I am glad you enjoyed the photos - I want to try to get to the cranberry bog when they are actually harvesting...

  3. Thank you for your tour. I enjoyed it very much. I live in Bethlehem,Pa and the Pocono area gets nice fall foliage. I have been to New England several times to see the trees and loved every visit. Never heard of putting pumpkins on fences or walls but seems like a great idea.

    Kathy-Bethlehem, PA

    1. I grew up in Pennsylvania not all that far from Bethlehem and I remember the autumn is similar but the colors seem more dramatic here. The pumpkins really do look cute but we don't have a fence or wall for them at our house. I hope you are getting lots of pretty fall color now - soon it will be skiing time!


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