Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween (and a little enabling...)

Halloween is here and there are just two months left in 2013.  I know that many of you are busy preparing for Halloween festivities tonight.  I bought lots of candy this year since we have had more families with children move into the neighborhood.  I tried to choose candy that I don't like very much since the leftovers can be so tempting!

Do you like these candles?  True confessions time - I did not make them.  I was picking up more candy at Costco and stumbled on these LED candles randomly stacked on top of the candy.  The set of three was just $4.97 (hint - when a price at Costco ends in a "7" the item has been marked down).  I certainly couldn't make them for that price and it's great that they are totally safe - no live flame to worry about.  I don't know if you could still find them at your Costco but the item number is 647093 if you want to check.

I want to let you know about a few great deals at Lettering Delights that are also ending tonight.

Earlier this year I bought the Great Gift Giving Bundle, a bundle of 40 Cut-It sets on sale for $40 - this was a 75% savings on the individual prices which would add up to $170 when purchased individually.  You can see that post HERE.

Well, the deal is even better now - you can buy the bundle for just $30.  Here are a few screen shots showing some of my favorites of the 40 sets - there are 579 individual cutting files in this bundle!

The basket in the photo above is in the bottom row at the left.  I haven't cut the pennants yet but they are a very appealing set (I just need an occasion to use them).  The step card bases are also a big time saver if you like to make that style of card.

These Design Cards and Framed Salutations would be perfect for a Project Life style album and I think the delicate doilies are very pretty (and popular right now on scrapbook page and other projects). 

This bundle has so many great files that are very easy to use if you have a machine and software for cutting files in the following formats - .AI (v.8), .DXF, .EPS (v.8), .GSD, .PDF (v.1.5), and .SVG.   The bundle is only available at this special $30 price until 11:59 p.m. TODAY - October 31st and it will keep you busy until the end of the year or even longer cutting everything out!  Click HERE to see the Great Gift Giving Bundle.

To add even more to the temptation - there is a special bonus offer if you spend a total of $30 at  Lettering Delights by October 31st.  You must be logged in to your Lettering Delights account when you make your purchases.

The Christmas Village bundle includes the following sets and is a value of $29

  • Christmas Village Graphic Set (16 individual .png files)
  • Christmas Village Alphabet (77 individual .png files)
  • Christmas Village Paper Pack
  • Christmas Village Peeps Graphic Set (13 individual .png files)
  • Christmas Village Peeps Cut Set (13 individual cut files)
  • Christmas Village Cut Set (16 individual cut files)
  • Christmas Village 3d Cut Projects (16 individual 3d cut files)
You can see all of the details and more images of the items in these files HERE.

So - if you purchase the Great Gift Giving Bundle at $30, you will qualify for the FREE Christmas Village Bundle - it will be added to your library automatically after you purchases total $30.   If you already have the Great Gift Giving bundle you can shop for other items totaling $30 to earn the Christmas Village bonus - there are some other items and bundles on sale.  Remember, you must complete the purchases TODAY - before 11:59 Mountain time.

Here is one more thing I found at Costco on my candy buying trip.  Of course it followed me home - this will be my Halloween treat!  There are 20 roll of washi tape in 10 colors and two widths with a nifty rotating dispenser- all for $19.99.  The item number for this was 705476 if you want to check availability at your store (apologies to those of you who don't have a Costco nearby).

Have fun tonight if you are trick-or-treating or handing out candy.  I wonder what our total number of visitors will be this year? 

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  1. Oh man, MY Costco never carries the cool items you find! Lucky you!

  2. I'm on my third bag of $14.00 candy. The neighbor kids and I already ate the first bag! Shame! So I'll have two bags to pass out tonight, Besides our beautiful neighbors we get a lot of drop off kids since we have a nice flat street to walk on. I love candles you bought. My Costco is 16 miles away so I don't go up there much. There isn't much there for one person.
    Happy Halloween - Hugs Mary Ann


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