Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Saturdays

There is always so much to do in the summer and sometimes the lack of routine makes it harder to get everything done.  Vacations and visitors can make it difficult to keep track of the weeks.  I know I always think that there will be time to do special projects but the days go by very quickly.

July brought a lot of extremely hot and muggy weather which tends to keep us inside with fans and air conditioning, trying to stay cool.  Now it is August and we have been lucky to have some beautiful weather here in Massachusetts.  So Saturday seemed like a good day to get out and about in town,

I thought I'd share a few photos from our Saturday adventures.  We had a sidewalk sale/street fair in our town yesterday and it was fun to look through the tables of bargains and antiques.  Lately you see chalkboard art everywhere and this sign summed up the mood of the day.

There were lots of people out and about enjoying the day.  It is always fun when a section of the street is closed to traffic and you can walk right in the middle of the road.

After checking out the sales, we went for lunch at a favorite local bakery/restaurant, Nashoba Brook Bakery, named for this beautiful brook that runs past the back door,  The footbridge from the parking lot makes it feel like an adventure to come here.  They make wonderful bread!

We also stopped by a new shop called "A New Leaf" selling "redesigned and consigned" home furnishings.  This chair was sitting out front and I thought it would make a nice bright pop of color for a deck or patio.  If you planted drooping plants the legs would eventually be covered.

We wanted to get some local tomatoes to try a new recipe so we stopped at one of the closest farms.  I loved this chalkboard sign that told us "Blueberries are slowing down..." - doesn't that bring a funny image to mind?  Unfortunately, the tomatoes were all gone for the day.

We did find some amazing bouquets grown by one of our neighbors, Michelle, who has such a green thumb that she farms several plots of flowers on the farm and in the community garden.

Michelle has a real knack for putting together beautiful bouquets.  This one was so pretty that I just had to bring it home!

We are very excited to have our older son and his wife coming to spend a week with us.  They arrive tomorrow and with a little luck the weather will stay nice for their visit.  

I hope you are having a great weekend and that you have been out and about on a few adventures too.  Enjoy the summer while you can - I just checked and there are 143 days until Christmas.  Have you started on any Christmas crafts yet?

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  1. What a superb Saturday!

  2. You are so lucky that your town has so much to offer. We live in a town of 3500 and absolutely nothing goes on here. You can see the county fair in less than 30 minutes. Other than that, nothing. The next closest town is 60 miles away and they offer a few things but when it is 120 miles round trip, you think twice about going. We live 25 miles from our little town and the nearest craft store is 3 hours away. As much as I enjoy country living, I wish our town would have craft fairs and such.


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