Friday, June 22, 2012

Something else to save...

I have a tendency to save all sorts of "useless" things because I think I can do something crafty with them.  Some may be a little odd and some others seem fairly obvious.  I have stacks of jars, lids from frozen juice...(OK - I guess I am a bit of a hoarder!).

When I was packing my suitcase to go to my Dad's, I came across a stash of clothing tags in my closet.  Some tags have interesting designs and would be easy to alter and adapt to use in creative projects.

At some point in the past few years, Talbot's switched over to this style of fastener for their tags and I have accumulated a little pile of them.  If you don't mind slitting the sewn in tag on the garment you can keep both ends of the string intact.  That letter "T" is just crying out to be used on a Thank you card!

I don't remember what this tag came on (or even if it was male of female clothing) but the silky string and textured heavy cardstock will be easy to add to a mini album.  A strip of paper down the center will cover the letters.

These tags came on shirts that I found recently at Costco.  The lower part could be cut off and the corners re-rounded and the circle at the top would be easily covered by a reinforcement circle (plain, colored or one of the Tim Holtz patterned ones).

Do you collect odd bits and pieces like this?  (Please tell me I'm not totally crazy!)  Anyone want to guess how long it will take me to actually use these(!)

It is great to get the chance to visit with my Dad - I'll be here for a few days.  He is doing a little better but needs to build up his strength and improve his walking to be able to go back to his regular apartment.  Thanks again for your positive thoughts and prayers.

If you are on the email feed - there should be two posts in this email.  I didn't set the time correctly on yesterday's post and only realized it late last night when I got back to my sister's house.

There were two new Cricut cartridges announced for Hello Thursday - the official announcement came so late that I'll just post my thoughts about them on Saturday...

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  1. Oh my... I do the same thing... my hubby just rolls his eyes (and I suspect that he sometimes takes my "potential uses" stash and makes them disappear - lol)

    Glad to hear your Dad is doing better!

    Hugs, Antonella :-)

  2. Hi Diane, I also collect little things like tags. I often use them to make a bookmard and put them in a card to give out as a gift. I'm happy for your Dad, make him some good old chicken vegetable soup with little pasta in it, that will give him some energy. Enjoy your visit.
    Hugs, Claire

  3. I never thought about saving those things. I have never been able to save bits and pieces like that because we are always moving but this move I am about to make is going to be my last!!!Yippie! So I can start my collection of stuff like that. Hahaha

  4. You have such a discerning eye that collecting these things come natural for you. Sometimes I can see potential but I do not have the space for saving anything that I MIGHT use. I do promise to keep my eyes open from now on, though.

    Have a great visit with your Dad. Praying that his recovery will be quick and complete.

  5. Oh I save all that stuff and just when I desire I have had it long enough someone comes up with a great idea for it. LOL
    Glad you had a nice visit with your dad. I really miss mine. Love the way you use your punches. Did you see that Blitsy has some for sale today. If you don't have a code or never ordered I would love to have you order under my code.
    I am going to give that little flower border a try. I have the punch. Never thought to do to sides. I am thinking I would have to tape it to another paper to do the second side. I am at the cabin but when I get home that will be first on my list to try. Thanks so much for so many ideas.

  6. I totally know what you mean. I do the same thing with cereal boxes and 'strings' and buttons of all sorts for potential embellishments.

    I'm also glad to hear your visit w/your dad went well too.

  7. Hi Diane,

    I'm glad you have gone to spend time with your Dad. You will never regret any time with him. Think of any questions you might want to have answered and ask them now.

    Thanks for the refresher on punches. I'm coveting that pansy punch.

    Jane K.

  8. I "try" to save all sorts of things, but oddly, when I go to use them they have "mysteriously disappeared" and my husband has "no idea" of what might have happened to them! He hasn't grasped how much $$ that "mystery" costs him! Sending good thoughts your Dad's way, and hopes for safe travels to you!

  9. I don't save any one particular thing just everything. I have stashes from all my past hobbies and projects. They are all so "valuable" I just can't throw them away. Just look in our garage and you can see all the groups I've belonged to and worked with. My poor husband just groans when I bring something home that I might be able to use again someday.

    I'm so glad your Dad is doing better. I know just seeing you will help him get strong again.

  10. Oh, I am totally wicked when it comes to saving anything/everything that can be used in my craft room. This includes dryer lint, that I recycle to use as stuffing in my felt embellishments!! Egads, I'll next show up on the TV show "Hoarders," I'm afraid. Nothing is safe from my reuse stash!

    In fact yesterday I FINALLY received in a shirt I ordered in May for my Dad's birthday. Alas, the birthday AND Father's Day have come and gone and I had to do something else. Also, the size is way too small so it has to be returned. GOSH, I was so tempted to snatch the BEAUTIFUL tag off the pricey shirt before sending it back to the retailer!!! Oh, it's a sickness!!

    It's dreadful for me knowing that you are mere miles from my home when you're visiting your Dad, and that I've yet to meet you, a key source of my inspiration. I'm laid up myself right now -- a foot cast to the knee with orders for no weight bearing prevent me from even getting upstairs to my craft room. How frustrating!! Today, I *promise* I am going to do the stair butt-climb to get up there on crutches, even if it means I can't get back downstairs for DAYS, I'm telling you. Hugs to your Dad for health restoration.

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  11. I have saved my tags for several years, but have never used any of them. Love the idea with the T.
    Thanks for sharing your talents.
    Travel safety for you.


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