Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Halloween Card with Bats - same card, different day....

I was in the mood to make a fall holiday card so I put together this Halloween card.  I don't really send Halloween cards but I have made quite a few of them, so this year I think I should send some of them to my nieces and nephews! 

The paper and embellishments you choose can totally transform the look of a Cricut cut image.  This card has the same topper that I showed you how to make a few days ago.  I used "hide selected contour" to alter an image from the Cindy Loo cartridge.  (Here is a LINK to that post).

This first card I made is bright and "springy" with a purple base, yellow gemstone cardstock topper and sparkly butterflies. 

For the Halloween card I used Papertrey Ink cardstock for the black card base and cut the card topper design in green glitter cardstock (Core'dinations Core Couture in the dark green "classy" shade).

If you look carefully at the negative spaces in the design you can see shapes that look a bit like bats (above) and little monsters or skulls and crossed bones (below).

I cut some bats from Core'dinations Gemstone cardstock in Onyx - I decided to use the plain black reverse side for better contrast to the glitter topper.

I used the Cuttlebug combo "Creepy" 3 x 3 Die/Emboss set to cut and emboss the bats (I used the spider on another project).

To raise the bats up so they could "fly" on the card I cut foam squares into strips that fit the thin bodies.  I didn't have any dark foam squares on hand but it is a good idea to use the dark squares for projects like this where the white could show.

The word "BOO" is cut from the Creative Memories Cheerful Seasons cartridge. 

In the "Cheerful Font" which has a mixture of type styles the shift of both the "b" and the "o" are in the same style and look slightly "drippy."  I cut these from orange DCWV glitter cardstock directly from the Cricut using multi cut (4 times) to get a clean cut.  The DCWV glitter cardstock has a thick coating and can take several repeats to cut completely.  I have found that the thickness can vary.  Usually only 2 cuts will be enough but this particular piece had a heavier "glaze" and was tougher to cut.  (I did not unload the paper after the first two cuts and so I was able to just press "load paper" again and repeat the cut for a total of four cuts).

Here is one more view of the final card - simple to make and a little spooky!

We had a bit of spookiness here last night - our power has been going out in the last couple of days and it went off and stayed off last night.  We had to hang a camping lantern from the kitchen chandelier for light.  I had written but not published my blog post. I waited a while but, with no internet, I went to bed earlier than usual.  This morning I was able to get online again to make the post live - if you are a subscriber this is why the email came later than usual yesterday...

Do you make - and send - Halloween cards?

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  1. I do not send Halloween cards; however, I usually make a fun little something for my kids.
    I love how you did your vinyl - what does the whole phrase say?
    Hopefully your power issue will be straightened out for good.

  2. These are great cards! I especially like the bat card! The paper just makes it even better!

    I don't believe I have ever made or sent a Halloween card...but now that I have 3 of the newer Halloween cartridges and I've seen this awesome card you've shared...I just might make some myself!


  3. This is awesome!! Isn't it funny how you can make the same cut look sooo different? I have never made and sent out Halloween cards. But w/ all the new carts out I've been making them, so this year I am.

  4. I love when you use the same cut or image but use other paper and it turns out to look so different. Just think that is so fun. thanks for sharing.

  5. I love to make Halloween cards but I only send them to my two grown sons. Maybe this year I will send more. They really are fun to make. I love how you showed the same card different ways. Thanks for the ideas.

  6. I like both versions, but am prone to those fun Halloween cards and layouts! Nice job showing us how easy it is to make the same components look entirely different, with just a few small embellishments!

  7. Hey Diane,
    I still make and send Halloween cards. I just love them!

  8. No Halloween cards from me!! I have my hands full with birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Christmas....blah, blah, get the picture. I love Halloween but I refuse to turn it into a major holiday that costs too much money. Times are tough.

  9. I'm a freak for Halloween and it's not too terribly uncommon for me to make tons of Halloween cards and send them out with "Happy Birthday" written in them. I SO LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!

  10. Sorry about the loss of power. Great take on your card though! Looks like a winning format for lots of different cards! I make Halloween cards each year but rarely send any LOL, they just sit in my craft room looking spooky.

  11. Thanks everyone for the comments - i have a few more Halloween cards coming your way...

    Amy - the vinyl in my kitchen says "Many people have eaten in this kitchen and gone on to lead perfectly normal lives!"

    You can see more about it in an old post - here is a LINK


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