Friday, August 27, 2010

Beware of the Spider - Halloween Card

While I was traveling this month I did some designs using my Gypsy.  I generally prefer to design on the computer but the Gypsy is handy for trips when you don't want to take out a laptop. 

I used the Pumpkin Carving seasonal mini cartridge to create this design.  The card at the top of this post is actually the "leftovers" card.  Here is the test cut of the card that I designed (I haven't finished the test cut into a final card yet).

When I lifted the orange card from the mat some of the smaller inner sections of the web lifted with the card but the large sections remained on the mat.  I hate to waste anything, so I decided to use them for an "extra" card.

I covered the pieces with some leftover vinyl transfer tape (you can also use painter's tape or contact paper that you have placed on a t-shirt a few time to reduce the tackiness).

I lifted the pieces from the mat with the tape and then applied adhesive to the back of the pieces.  When the adhesive dried to clear it was ready to apply to a black card base.

I positioned the image on the card front, burnished it with my bone folder and carefully peeled off the transfer tape at a 45 degree angle (if a paper piece starts to lift you can put the tape back down and burnish a bit more to get it to stay down).

The result is very effective and you haven't wasted any paper!  This is one of my favorite "tricks" yo make cards that are "treats" - here is a LINK to a Valentine's version that is one of my all time favorite cards!

I also used the letters that were cut from the orange card.  In order to align the letters as they appeared in the original card I placed the black card over the orange card to use it as a guide.

I added some gray gems in two sizes from the black gradient gem stickers to accent the web. 

I added black gem stickers for the eyes of the spider.  The spider was cut with the Cuttlebug combo "Creepy" 3 x 3 Die/Emboss set (I used the bats from this cut on a card a few days ago - here is a LINK to the post).

 I used foam squares to raise the spider up above the web.  The spider is cut from Core'dinations Onyx Gemstone cardstock.

I cut the card using the Gypsy and you can download the Gypsy file here.  I transferred the file to my computer to convert it to a Design Studio file.  The file needed some changes to work as a Design Studio file due to the use of "hide selected contour" and I will write another post soon explaining the changes I needed to make.

I was not able to test the Design Studio file since I am away from my Cricut, however I believe it is correct.  Please let me know if you try it and have any problems (use ugly paper first!).

Beware Card - Gypsy

Beware Card - Design Studio

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  1. Brilliant idea! So super cute,!thanks for the file.

  2. What a great card! Have a great time this weekend.

  3. I love that idea!!! Sometimes when I peel cuts off the mat and I hate to get rid of them!!!

  4. Love this card! Thanks for showing how you did it. Happy Day!!!

  5. Great card, I love the idea of using the pos & neg to make cards, especially if you are maing sevral for say maybe your kids classmates - I will have to keep this in mind for the Holidays! Thanks ~ Staci I think I may hit Home Depot for some drywall tape (low tack & would probably work great for the transfering!)

  6. Diane, I just love this! How clever to use your leftovers and create such a fabulous card... would never have known they were the by product of another card you were making:o)

  7. LOVE it!! Like you, I hate to waste paper scraps and I do my best to use any leftovers from my cuts...this is a GREAT idea and an awesome Halloween card. I might have to "borrow" it for one of my layouts. ;)

  8. Terrific job! I hate to waste anything also so you can imagine what my craft room looks like! LOL

  9. Diane, you are amazing with all the great tips you give us!!! Fantastic use of your 'scraps'!!!

  10. Dear Diane, Thanks for the great card, .cuts, and great tips. I use my CDS more all the time. Thank you for your great creativity and sharing. Marilyn Mae


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