Monday, July 10, 2017

Birthday Wishes


Today is my birthday and I wanted to get back to my blog to say thanks to everyone for the birthday messages and good wishes. This was not one of the "significant" birthdays (divisible by 5 or 10) - just marking another year.

We had a chance to take an extended trip out to California in June and we had such a good time visiting with our little granddaughter (and her parents!).

My husband is now "semi-retired" and spending time with family is a priority. We enjoyed a trip to the zoo in Oakland while we were in California.

Ramona loves animals - here we are watching the elephants coming out to be fed.  (It's hard to see but there is an elephant reflected in my sunglasses).

Once we got back to New Hampshire we had lots of work to catch up with in the gardens. We found a lovely bloom on one of the new rose bushes we planted this year. We also found a few too many weeds due to the warm weather and lots of rain so I have been trying to get rid of them!.

Our plant tower is now filled with fresh herbs for cooking. The weather has been great and they are growing so fast.

We chose a different kind of hanging basket for the screen house this year. These make me smile every time I walk out there.

My husband had a special event to attend tonight so we went out for lunch. This desert sampler was delicious and I love the little "Happy Birthday" tag they added - particularly because it has a watermelon in the corner!

We did a bit of shopping after lunch and it seemed like the universe knew it was my birthday. 

I saw three different calendars - all set to the proper date! This doesn't usually happen when you are shopping in antique markets with lots of booths and the sellers are not in the shop every day. I found some other treasures that I will share in another post.

Now that we are getting caught up around the gardens, I plan to do more blogging. I have been experimenting and learning more about photography with my iPhone since that is the camera I always have with me.

I hope your summer is going well and that you are finding time to enjoy family (and perhaps also doing some crafty things!).

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