Thursday, November 3, 2016

New for November

Happy November!  It's been an exciting week with Halloween on Monday, an amazing 7th game of the World Series last night, and, on a more personal note, the arrival of my new Cricut Explore Air2!

The new machine adds a "fast mode" for cutting some materials up to two times as fast.  I am not usually in that big of a hurry and I don't do a lot of mass production but there was something about the pretty ivory and gold Anna Griffin version that just was calling my name when the new machines were launched on HSN at the beginning of October.  I tried to resist but ended up ordering late in the day so I was on "extended delivery" with the arrival date projected at November 4th.  So I was excited to see an earlier date when I checked my order status!

I spent a couple of hours sweeping leaves and acorns from our very long driveway so I could keep a sharp eye out for the UPS truck.  I think they are gearing up for holiday deliveries because there were two men on the truck.  They were quite curious about what was in the box and why I was so excited for it to arrive...

I will spend the next few days putting this new machine through some comparisons with my Explore Air to see if I made the right decision.  I know it will be pretty and that it will match my Anna Griffin Cuttlebug machine.  With Christmas coming, I will be doing more multiples of projects so the increased speed should be helpful.

We had a couple of beautiful days to start the month but today it is rainy.  Here are a few photos of the gorgeous leaves and bright blue sky and some of the remaining flowers in our garden.

I hope you had a good time on Halloween.  We had around 30 trick-or-treaters here and it was fun to see their costumes.

Our new house is set at a funny angle, with the front door at the "back" of the house as you approach it, so we had the trick-or-treaters come to the sliding door from the deck to the kitchen.  I didn't do a lot of decorating this year but did have lights to lead the way to the candy!

How many costumed visitors did you have this year?

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  1. I'll be interested to find out if you think this was worth the purchase. We always go to be with our grandchildren so don't hand out candy here. They didn't have many trick-or-treaters (30?) And they were mostly middle school age. It's fun to see them, though.

  2. Good to "see" you, Diane! Enjoy your new "baby"! I have no need for a new machine, but I'll be interested to hear what you think of the increased speed!

  3. I am glad to see you are back. Love the pictures.

  4. I just received the Explore Air 2 to "replace" my original Explore. I didn't use Bluetooth with my Explore, so I do have the adapter but not sure how to make it all "work". I'm still using Explore until I get a better "feel" for the new machine. I'll be stalking your blog until I see your review. Glad you're back....

  5. It's good to "hear" from you again! I sold all my cartridges a couple of years ago and purchased a Silhouette. My original Cricut is taking up space in a cabinet, I really need to pass it on! However, I will enjoy reading your review.

  6. I was making Halloween snack bags for my son and daughters classes last week and had my cricut explore air 2 and original explore with bluetooth adapter going at the same time. It was pretty awesome and helped me get through things faster. I got the pink rose color machine from HSN last month. The fast mode is nice since I'm usually cutting 24-28 of the same thing.

  7. I got mine about 2 weeks ago and went nuts making halloween banners and that beautiful raven make it now wreath!!! It does great on fast speed!! eVEN ON INTRICATE CUTS, i DID HOWEVER HAVE SOME TROUBLE WITH THE VERY THING PAPER SO i CUT THE SPEED DOWN FOR THAT... sorry about the caos, just dint want to retype!! lol I really like the new speedy machine and give it a 10...


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