Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Hampshire Primary (Digital Scrapbook Page)

Today is Super Tuesday, the day when the greatest number of US states hold presidential primary elections.  If we still lived in Massachusetts we would be voting today, however, since we moved to New Hampshire last year, we participated in the "first in the nation" presidential primary on February 9th.  This is not a political post, but I thought it would be a good day to share a digital layout I did to commemorate our first time voting in New Hampshire.

This year marked the 100th Anniversary of the New Hampshire Primary (1916-2016).  We voted at our local elementary school, in the gymnasium.

There was a very interesting poster showing the old style ballot boxes that were used back in 1892.

It may have been a coincidence, but the curtains on the voting booths were very stiff and seemed new.  The gym floor was carefully covered.  I was surprised to see a total of 50 cubicles.  I suppose at the busy times this many are needed but there was not a line and only a few people were voting when we arrived.

 The official notice to voters also acknowledged the 100th Anniversary Year.

New Hampshire allows voters to register on the day of the election.  If you register as an Independent you can choose which party ballot you wish to vote on.

As I struggled to take a selfie (a skill I have not acquired!) a fellow voter offered to snap a picture of my husband and me after we voted.  People are very friendly here.

 I was surprised to see so many names on the ballots. 

As I mentioned, the polling place was an elementary school gym.  This sign was posted in the gym and we both thought that perhaps the candidates should adhere to these rules too!

Here is a screen shot of the two page spread of this digital layout.  I used some patriotic paper and just a simple grid of photos along with the titles and text in white with some shadows to improve legibility.

As we are still settling in and working on more house projects at our new home,  I find it easiest to do digital scrapbook pages.  I enjoy making cards and 3D projects in paper but the flexibility of digital scrapbooking gives me chances to try endless options before I commit to a final page.

There are lots of interesting things about our new state.  You may or may not know that the motto is "Live Free or Die" - pretty intense!  I had to laugh when I saw this sign in a local shopping plaza.  Unfortunately, the diner was closed down. I would have liked to meet the owner with this sense of humor.

After celebrating Leap Day yesterday, I hope your March is off to a great start! 

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  1. Awesome! It is so nice to see NH represented in a blog! Nicely done. Glad we live in the same great state !!

    1. Thanks Karen! We are enjoying our new state - keep an eye out for a future post about all of the personalized license plates!


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