Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Capturing Changes with Annual Photos

I often hear people say "I am so behind with my scrapbooks - I'll never catch up."  These are usually the strict chronological album makers who feel the need to make their books begin at the beginning of the year and continue sequentially until they reach December.

I think this style of scrapping is very difficult - just one little thing can throw you off sequence and then you are "stuck" until you can "catch up."  I prefer the storytelling method or a retrospective collection of photos to show how people have changed.  I like to help people who are overwhelmed by being "behind" make albums that cover many years and showcase the best of the best from their collections of photos.

For the past few years, we have had our nephew stay with us for a day of "Camp Aunt Diane" while his parents drive their older twins to camp in Maine.   Each year I have taken a photo of the campers before they leave by the tree in our front yard.  I was away one year so in 2012 it was "Camp Uncle Steve" (and apparently, we missed getting a photo that year).  Photos taken annually at the same spot make a great page to show how kids grow and mature.





If you use the same "photo spot," you can see some changes in the landscape as well.  This year our tree had a limb removed from the right side as you look at these photos.

I tried two arrangements of the photos.  At the top of this post the photos are arranged in order left to right in two rows.  In this version, the photos are arranged clockwise by date.  I like the second page a bit better because I think the colors are more evenly balanced.  In the first version both of the photos on the left have bright colored clothing so the eye is pulled in that direction.

Do you take annual photos in the same location each year?  I think the most common are the first day of school photos.  If you scrap chronologically, these will all end up in different albums.  You might want to try pulling out similar photos from different years to make some new "retrospective" pages.  It is great fun to see how people change over the years.

You can also find old photos of family members and deliberately pose them as closely as possible to the original photo - I have done a few of these that I'll share another day.

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  1. I am going to do that with some of my boys first day of school pictures. I always take them in the same spot. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. Shortly after we moved into our house 22 years ago, we planted a small, slow-growing maple tree in the backyard. For the several years, on Mother's Day, we took a photo of my husband and son (under a year when we first planted it), standing next to the tree. My husband was holding my son in the first few pictures, then they stood together beside it.My son grew much faster than the tree! I need to pull those photos out and look at all of them together!


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