Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Using SVG Cuts files with the Cricut Explore

Many of the designs from SVG Cuts are very complex with a lot of parts needed to assemble the final project.  They are well designed and come with terrific instructions so you shouldn't have much trouble using them.  Once you have cut all of the pieces for a project, there are videos on the website showing Mary assembling the projects.  These videos are extremely helpful.

I want to share a few tips for working with these files with both the Cricut Explore and the Cameo.  I hope these will be helpful and save you some time.  Today I will show you how to use the files in Design Space for the Explore.

First you need to download the files you purchased and save them on your computer.  I keep mine in a folder called SVG Cuts (I generally think of items by designer and I like to keep designs from different sources in separate folders).

Since these are SVG files, you will need to use the "Vector Upload"  choice in the Upload Images panel.  Each piece of the design is in a separate file so this process will take a few minutes.  You won't have to do this again - you will be able to save the project all in one file.

After all of the files have been uploaded, click on each one until they all have a green check in the top right corner.  Then click "Insert Images" to add them all to the work area.

The entire group of files will come in in a stack and you will need to separate them and resize them.  Here is how the pieces look once you have separated them.  However, the sizing is completely out of proportion.

You need to select each item and size it according to the directions in the PDF Menu provided by  SVG Cuts.  The width is listed for each shape,  Be sure the lock is on when you type in the width so the item size will change proportionately.

The menu gives you the exact width for each shape or group of shapes.

When you have corrected the width on each image you will have all of the cuts sized proportionally.

The score lines on this particular set are made of dashed lines that will actually cut.  I think these can look messy if you don't get the fold perfectly aligned.  With the scoring tool for the Explore, you can score along these dashed lines and then use a regular ScorBoard to deepen the crease along the lines indicated by the dashes.

After you have ungrouped the items, click on the layer panel for the score lines and choose Score at the top of the slide out color panel.

You could also use the placement of these dashed lines as a guideline and insert full length score lines in the Design Space program.  To find the score line, choose "all images" and type Score Line in the search box.   The first item that shows up should be the scoreline.

Once you have changed to score lines to score instead of cut, it is important to attach the lines to the shape.  To do this, select both the shape and the scorelines in the layers panel, then click "Attach" at the top of the panel.  Now the shape can be moved around and the lines will stay with it.

Here is another view of the score lines in this file.  This file also includes numbers on some of the pieces to help with the assembly process.

Be sure to pay attention as you add items that include score lines.  It may be necessary to group them with the shape before resizing.  If you change a size and the score lines are no longer with the shape, just undo and try again.

Today, Wednesday, May 7th, is the last day that you can receive this set of box cards files as a free gift if you spend $9.98 or more on the  SVG Cuts site.  Just add the kit to your cart, along with other items totaling $9.98 or more, and then use the code FREEGIFT at checkout to subtract the $6.99 for the box card kit.  The directions are listed at the bottom of the page HERE.

Please be sure to leave a comment if you have any more questions about using these files.  I hope this was helpful.  These are SVG files so you will only be able to use them with the Cricut Explore machine - they will not work with the Cricut Craftroom or any of the other Cricut machines.

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  1. This tutorial was very very helpful. You are a fantastic instructor. I am going to try to make this box card this weekend. Thank you so much. Please keep making these videos. I am slowly learning how to work with svg cuts.

    1. Hi Sheree - I am so glad this was helpful for you. It isn't hard to do but you have to know what to do! Have fun making your card this weekend - I'd love to see it when you are done.

  2. I didn't read through this whole post, because I don't have an Explore. But I"m looking forward to your post on the Silhouette! Curious - which one do you find easier?

    1. Hi Avra - I think each one has advantages. For working with these multilayer files, I'd have to say the Explore is easier. It isn't difficult on the Silhouette - you just have to move things or turn cut lines on and off - the Explore takes care of the mat set up for you. The hardest thing for these files is choosing the papers!

  3. Thank you, Diane, for these instructions. You are a great instructor.

    1. You are very welcome Peggy - and thanks for the nice compliment!


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