Thursday, December 19, 2013

Custom Soap Dispensers with Square1

It's always fun to find that you can use your crafting tools and products to solve a problem.  I have been helping my husband's parents get settled in their new home and we were having trouble finding a soap dispenser for the powder room.

There is a pretty pedestal sink  but the area where you can sit the soap is quite narrow.  We bought a nice round dispenser that just wouldn't fit, even though it was a fairly small size.  My mother-in-law found some liquid soap that was in a plastic container with a more oval shaped base.  It fits, but it isn't particularly attractive...

I put my thinking cap on and decided I could improve on a store label by printing a custom design on some Square1 Masterpiece adhesive fabric.  I found these taller and thinner shaped bottles of Dial soap that had clear tops (my mother-in-law doesn't particularly care for the brown top on the first container).

When the label are peeled off the bottles they are prettier but I wanted to dress them up for the holidays.  One tip for taking off the labels - I found that the back labels came off more easily than the front labels.  When taking off any sort of label, the adhesive will tend to stick to itself so I use the removed label to pick up excess adhesive. For these soaps, I used the back label to clean up the sticky residue on the front.  In the end, there was just a tiny bit of adhesive left and I put some "Goo Gone" on a paper towel and used that to get rid of the last traces of adhesive.

I used my Panstoria Artisan software to create some colorful holiday labels for the soap dispensers.  The Santa images are from Twisted Papers (find them HERE),  The ornaments are from Lettering Delights (Swell Noel Ornaments by Sheri McCulley) and the background papers and word art are from various Creative Memories digital kits that will be available through Panstoria until the end of March, 2014.

I printed the designs on a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 Square1 Masterpiece  repositionable adhesive fabric.  I didn't set them up as a print and cut since I could simply use a trimmer to cut the rectangular shapes.

The Square1 fabric takes the ink from the inkjet printer very well.    You can cut it with scissors, dies or a die cutting machine.

I followed the directions on the back of the package, setting the print quality to best and paper type to matte photo paper then allowing the print to dry (it says 10 - 15 minutes but I left it overnight before I finished my project).

The printing is water resistant on the fabric but I did heat fix the printing with a low temperature iron since the soap labels will be used around water.  Don't keep the iron on the fabric very long - just a quick swipe with low heat.

I put the two non-traditional color labels on one side of the dispensers...

...and the more traditional Santa designs on the other side.

You could print any image you like to create labels to suit various seasons and occasions.  The material can be repositioned many times so you could even save the seasonal designs and use them year after year.

Have you tried Square1 Printable yet?  You can find it and other vinyl alternative products on their website HERE.  The customization possibilities make it a great choice for all sorts of projects.  I am a member of their Creative Team and will be sharing more ideas and projects over the next few months.  Please leave a comment if you have any questions about the products they offer.

Don't forget to pick up the 12 Days of Christmas freebies at Lettering Delights  and in the Silhouette Online Store.

free today in the Silhouette Online Store

There is so much snow here - our deck lights are partially buried.  We got another 8 or so inches on Tuesday.  I think the temperature will be warm enough today to melt the ice in the driveway but I am hoping that we keep the snow on the lawn for a White Christmas.  I hope you are staying warm if you are also in a snowy area.  It does make it seem more like winter!

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  1. Very cute idea. I had not heard of this fabric before I will have to look for it. Thanks for sharing this idea.

    1. Hi di - Thanks, it is a lot of fun to use. You can read more about Square1 Printable and other vinyl alternative products on their website - click the red highlighted names in the post to go to the site..

  2. Wow - that's a very creative transformation. You're thoughtfulness and creativity will create a lovely "home" atmosphere for your family's new home. Sweet! The Square 1 products look like fun. Thanks for sharing.


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