Monday, April 22, 2013

Coming soon...

On Wednesday I will be participating in a special event and I hope you will be able to join in the fun.  A group of creative women have put together some great inspiration for Mother's Day.  Starting early in the morning on April 24th, you'll be able to visit websites and blogs where you'll find freebies, coupons, special offers and lots of creativity to help you prepare for Mother's Day (some gift ideas will be included as well).

There is still time to sign up for LOAD513 - but there aren't many spaces left!  The Layout a Day (LOAD) program that Lain Ehmann is offering begins May 1st and includes 31 daily videos, 31 daily prompts, and 31 sample layouts.  There is also an exclusive message board for LOAD members only where you can connect and chat with the several hundred other scrappers who have taken the challenge.  There will be prizes along the way and special recognition for everyone who completes the challenge. I have already signed up and I hope you will join in the fun and games.

Click HERE to go to the information page where you can see a video message from Lain and find out why so many people look forward to this challenge.  Can you imagine getting 31 pages done next month?  Sounds good to me!

One more thing - don't forget to register for the free scrapinar all about envelope art.

Windy Robinson, Paper Crafts Magazine's Go-To Gal will be the featured guest on April 23rd (that's tomorrow).  Windy will show how to create gorgeous hand-crafted and hand-embellished envelopes and mail art.  The lucky recipients and even the mail carrier will be sure to smile at something this special arriving with the regular delivery.  You can find out all about the scrapinar and sign up HEREBe sure to sign up even if you have a conflict on the date - a replay will be available but only for a limited time and only for those who have registered ahead of time.

Last week was such a difficult week in Boston, the surrounding area and all across the country.  It was very hard to watch the scenes in Watertown - especially since we had been out to dinner the Friday before at a restaurant just a few blocks away.  Watching the events unfold on TV and seeing the police tape blocking off that area made it all seem even more terrifying.  I can't imagine how long it will take the residents to get past the memories of that night and day.  It was such a relief when the arrest was made.  We are so grateful for the service of all of the members of the law enforcement agencies and the citizens who stepped forward to help. 

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  1. It was a long tough week for the nation, but the Boston area most of all. Prayers and hopes for healing and strength for all the wounded-both mentally and physically.

    On a lighter note, I am really looking forward to Wednesday! Thank you for letting us know about the fun!


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