Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tag Star 2 (by request)

I created a design for making a star from silhouetted tags back in October - here is a LINK to that post. The tag I used for that design came from the Wedding cartridge and the finished design looked like this

A while ago a reader asked if I could make a similar design that would use any tag from the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge. I did the design and tested it, but it got a bit "lost in the shuffle" with the Thanksgiving holiday and my travels. Now that I am back home I am trying to catch up and post some of these "files in waiting" but my progress is slow since I am also doing Christmas decorating and shopping!

Below you can see the design in various sizes as it comes off the mat.

To create the stars you need to trim the points

The finished stars look like this

Unfortunately, I could not make this an adjustable design because the shapes must be turned at angles and can not be kept in the same selction box. I did do six sizes - three that require the 12 x 12 mat and three more that can be cut on either the 12 x 12 or 12 x 6 mat (for baby bug owners).

Below you can see the three smaller stars before trimming

The untrimmed shape on the left and the trimmed star on the right

You can also remove the center to create a different effect as seen below. The smaller sizes will work for card fronts and you could place a sentiment in the center space.

If you remove the center from the cut before trimming the result looks like this.

The offcuts from the larger stars cuts could be used a page backgrounds, either individually or layered as you can see below.

For different effects, you can layer several sizes and use these larger cuts for holiday decorations. This series of photos of variations shows some of the striking combinations that are possible.

To make additional sizes you can choose the original tag size and then follow the pattern I used for the angles and placement. You can build each star on an additional page in this file or start a new file.

These can be used for cards or holiday decorations and are particularly lovely when adhered to vellum and trimmed. I'd love to see what you create with this design.

Tag Star 2


  1. Those are just awesome! I love them. You did a great job!

  2. You did another wonderful job! Thanks

  3. These are fantastic and so useful, tfs

  4. You are TOTALLY creative -- and precise. After seeing your other star...and because I didn't have the wedding cartridge I tried making one...with less than stellar results! Am so delighted to see this one with tags, bags and more...will TOTALLY use this cut in EVERY configuration you have shown. Thank you so much for taking the time to create not one but SIX sizes...that amazes me -- especially now that I realize how long I worked on the ONE that wasn't so hot! You're the best!

  5. I think I'm the one that made the TBBM request . . . . THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! They are beautiful and I can't wait to get cutting.

    -- Jennifer

  6. Beautiful creation! Thx for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful christmas and an even better new year. Happy Holidays!!


  7. These are so Gorgeous! Wow! TFS! I have talked about your blog on my blog! You are really talented! Have a wonderful New Year!


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